Our history

Nice to meet you, I'm Hanna.

I have always done sports, I have had to combine it with work and family life.

The story of MyLibi begins with the difficulty I had finding comfortable clothes that I liked and fit well. Basics that fit like a glove and have pretty and feminine colors: nude tones, earth tones, pastel tones.
A garment that was versatile, timeless, that fit well and that, despite wearing it for sports, I could use it in the same way in my daily life. That garment that you pull on again and again because it is easy to combine and you can wear it in many situations.

This is how this story began...


I have always been flirtatious, I like fashion, but above all, looking pretty or at least feeling pretty, that is essential. And that takes it both to the field of sport and to my daily life. But my time is very important and limited. How many times do I leave the house running, without time to think about what to wear.

And this premise is what led me to the crazy adventure that made me create MyLibi.

Before MyLibi I spent thousands of euros trying leggings from all over Europe and even bought leggings for up to 400 euros from an Australian Firm.

None of them met expectations... or they slipped, or they made wrinkles, or the colors were horrible, or they were transparent, in short, they didn't stylize the body at all.

This became personal.

For myself and for many women who could feel as frustrated as me, I started thinking about designing clothes.


So in 2019, in the middle of a chat with coffee in hand, the idea that today is MyLibi was born.

After a lot of talking and asking friends for advice, I started calling hundreds of suppliers from all over, I spent thousands of euros and I was able to confirm that none of them could do what so many women needed , so I took my first flight to China.

And there I was, on a Tuesday morning, talking to a Chinese manufacturer and designing our star product:The MyLibi Legging.



On that same trip, the name of the brand emerged, which is a combination of the initials of my last names. The truth is I have to admit that I didn't give it much thought, I think I was clear about it, just like our Logo.

Ayyy our dear Gota! I created it on the flight back home, many of you have asked me and still ask... why a drop?

La Gota represents the effort, sweat and commitment of strong, real and independent women.

Well, here we are still after 4 years, it seems that the idea was not so crazy. I think we have made many women happy and that makes me happy, it is clear that they also had my same need.

Now it's not just me, but the entire MyLibi team and of course a small community that is getting bigger and bigger.


When you decided to purchase one of our products, you joined this movement.

Something that goes much further than dressing a sports outfit.

It is the idea that real and independent women have our own style that represents us, combining elegance without sacrificing our comfort on a daily basis.

Something unique and exclusive, something very much ours that has been designed with you in mind.

By women. For women. MyLibi.