About us

Nice to meet you, I'm Hanna.

I have always done sports, I have had to combine it with work and family life. The story of MyLibi begins with the difficulty I had finding sportswear that I liked. A garment that was versatile, that fit well and that, despite wearing it for sports, I could use it in the same way in my daily life.

What's the problem with wearing comfortable clothes and not well dressed?

I am a flirtatious woman, I like to look beautiful both while doing sports and in my daily life. But my time is very important.

And this premise is what led me to the crazy adventure that I am going to reveal to you.

I have spent thousands of euros trying leggings from all over Europe, I even bought leggings worth 400 euros from an Australian company.

None of them met expectations: either they slipped, or they made wrinkles, or the colors were horrible, or they were transparent... in short, they didn't stylize the body at all.

This became personal. For me and for all the women who might feel as frustrated as I do.

So in 2019, in the middle of a chat with coffee in hand, the idea that today is MyLibi was born.

After a lot of talking and asking friends for advice, I started calling hundreds of suppliers from all over, I spent thousands of euros and I was able to confirm that none of them could do what so many women needed , so I took my first flight to China.

And there I was, on a Tuesday morning, talking to a Chinese manufacturer and designing our star product: The MyLibi Legging.

On that same trip, the name of the brand emerged, which is a combination of the initials of my last names. The truth is, I have to admit that I didn't give it much thought. It was clear to me, just like our Logo.

Ayyy our dear Drop, I created it on the flight back home, many of you have asked me and still ask: why a Drop?

La Gota represents the effort and commitment of strong, real and independent women.

I look back and think how crazy , how many things we have gone through to get where we are.

That is why, when you decided to purchase one of our products, you joined this movement.

Something that goes much further than dressing a sports outfit.

It is the idea that real and independent women have their own style that represents us, combining sporty elegance without sacrificing comfort in our daily lives.

Something unique and exclusive that has been designed with you in mind.

Something very ours. By women, for women.


Founder MyLibi ♥️



The philosophy that defines MyLibi is “elegance in sport” and that is what we seek to offer in each garment. We are the favorite brand of sports enthusiasts in general: yogis, runners, trainers, skaters, and other strong and real women who practice sports disciplines.

Furthermore, we are emblematic of those women who seek a casual and comfortable look without leaving style aside. We understand your needs (because they are ours) and we believe that when it comes to fashion and comfort, less is more , which is why we offer you minimalist models created by and for women.


Our leggings are our star product and we are very proud of it. However, our tops, t-shirts and shorts are increasingly in demand by our MyLibi community and, therefore, our team is continually searching for new trends and top quality materials, as well as developing minimalist garment designs that are adapt to the natural contour of your skin.

We have a beautiful and varied range of colors, from light and risky tones, to darker and more sober tones. We know how important it is that a garment adapts well to the body: it has to be without transparency . That is why our seams are designed to have free movement and total adaptability (SECOND SKIN EFFECT) . The fabrics we use prevent allergies and bad odors. Thinking about the diversity of women we wanted to target, we created 2 types of legging lengths to fit any woman's height.


We are a company that is aware of the difficulties that our world is going through regarding the amount of waste and waste that is generated daily. And, we also know, that the textile industry is one of the industries that has the most responsibility in this regard. We cannot say that we are going to change reality, but we can tell you that all our business policies are aimed at minimizing the ecological impact. and social in the short, medium and long term. Some of our actions are reflected in:


- Incorporation of ecological fabrics and support for recyclable agriculture with garments with a reduced proportion of pesticides, chemical agents and bleaches.

- We are implementing a packaging change for our articles , which translates into advantages for the ecosystem: they do not produce waste and, therefore, when decomposed they do not release chemical elements or gases.

- We try to work with a transport fleet that takes responsible actions when transporting our garments to their destinations. For example, the use of biodiesel in its trucks, which reduces emissions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

- Energy savings in our facilities: we currently work from Rocafort, home of one of the founders. We have an outdoor space with lots of sun that prevents us from using extra energy.


Our clothes are made by and for women. It fills us with infinite pride to say that although our products are not yet 100% made in Spain, the designs of our garments ARE. Our team takes care of the entire process.