Good leggings are the daily basic that any wardrobe needs. At MyLibi, we wanted to bring you a garment that was versatile, timeless, that fit you well and makes you feel beautiful. For this reason, we create our fitness leggings with the best fabric designed by women and for women.

Its exceptional fabric not only prevents annoying see-through, but also remains wrinkle-free and does not slip while you do sports. But, most significantly, we address the main concern: our leggings do not show cellulite, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable at all times. In addition, we sought to create a garment that you could wear without getting tired of it and that would adapt to everyday life, such as going out with your friends, doing yoga, Pilates or spending the afternoon at home. For this reason, we have many models with the same fabric, but in different colors, from nude, pastel, olive green, etc., so that you can create different outfits.

You won't be able to decide which one you like best! Discover our long, capri and shorts colored leggings, made with ecological fabrics that not only take care of your comfort, but also the environment. These garments are not only versatile for timeless styles, but also adapt perfectly to more formal contexts, ensuring a balance between fashion and environmental responsibility.

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