Yoga para mejorar tu postura

Yoga to improve your posture

Yoga to improve posture? Yes, just as you hear it. Yoga is something that should be in ALL of our daily tasks . Even if you are not doing it every day, it is a highly recommended practice at least a couple of times a week.

At MyLibi, we want you to be in your best condition, that's why we recommend some of the best poses that will be great for your back:

Gentle Standing Backbend

Standing with your feet hip-width apart, interlace your fingers and stretch them toward your heels. Instead of focusing on bending your lower back, focus on lifting your sternum toward the sky. Continue bringing your shoulder blades together and down your back.

This should feel like a chest and shoulder opener, not a crunch in your lower back. If you feel this intensely in your lower back, review your posture and refocus your attention on your chest and shoulders.

Sitting hero (in a forest)

This posture is one of the best for great postural reset. Let your knees drop below your hips, which takes pressure off your lower back and keeps your spine in a comfortable neutral position. If you're very flexible, it may be tempting to do this without a lock, but I really encourage you to use one anyway for the reasons above. For our purposes here, this is to give your back a break and help it reset. He has no intention of challenging you this time.

Seated Lateral Bends

Keep both hips on the floor while doing this position. Focus on your inhalation to send your breath into the space between your ribs, expanding the tissue there. The more flexible the muscles, the more expansive the breathing. The more expansive the breath, the more comfortable our posture.

Low bridge

We continue decompressing the back and opening the chest. For the low bridge, bring your shoulder blades together and bring your hands together. Think about creating more space in the front of your body.

Block Chest Opener

Without a doubt, one of the all-time yoga favorites for improving posture. Basically, it makes your body take on the opposite shape of what you normally do when you're sitting and hunched over a desk. It is low impact, calm and relaxing.

How should you place the blocks? one of them should be with the thin side facing up between your shoulder blades with the lowest part hitting where a sports bra or top would go (we recommend the MyLibi ones of course). The top of that block should be below the neck. The second block is just for supporting the head. We recommend putting it at medium height and letting your head relax there.

And you! Have you tried any of these to improve your posture? You will see how your body is restored to perfection.

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