Tips para conseguir un look formal con leggings

Tips to achieve a formal look with leggings

Get a formal look with leggings with the 4 Tips we present below on MyLibi. Make the most of the versatility of these slim fit stretch pants. This type of garment has become a key piece in today's woman's wardrobe. It is for this reason that in our blog you will get the best advice on how to wear leggings with style and look beautiful and comfortable.

Tips to achieve a formal look with leggings

Although many say otherwise, dressing elegantly with leggings is possible. In fact, these types of tight elastic pants are versatile garments with which we can achieve multiple styles, if we know how to play well with other garments and accessories.

What color to choose to achieve a formal look with leggings?

Color is an element that communicates multiple things. When choosing the color palette to create your outfit, it is important to keep in mind what message you want to convey. In this sense, if you are looking to give an impression of formality, dark and sober colors are the best option.

However, when thinking about dark tones it is normal that you quickly turn to black, but this can become boring after a while. For this reason, we present 3 keys to give a special touch to your formal look with leggings.

Forget bright prints and colors

This first item is crucial to achieving an appearance of formality. Fluorescent or very striking colors, as well as prints, take away sobriety and elegance from our look. If you don't want to wear dark tones, you can opt for a beige or pale pink base color to create your combination.

Blue, maroon, brown and gray

These 4 colors will give you the basis to achieve your formal look with leggings. They are attractive and easy to combine, they give us the opportunity to play with different garments to give contrast and a touch of originality to our outfit. Navy blue, maroon, brown and dark gray are colors that do not go out of style and give life to the most varied combinations within formal spaces.

Create different layers for your formal look with leggings

Creating an outfit based on layers is the key to wearing a formal look with leggings. If you manage to combine your clothes well, giving balance to each part of your body, you will undoubtedly have achieved the desired effect. To wear leggings appropriately in formal spaces you must have:

Blazer and long shirts

Try to have a pair of blazers, one light colored and one dark. This will allow you to match the colors of your shirts and blouses. It is important that each of these garments has the appropriate length and can cover part of your derriére.

Oversized coats

You can choose between the different materials that exist for these garments, depending on the season. The important thing is that the size and silhouette of your coat manages to give a touch of sophistication to your formal look with leggings.

For blazers, shirts, blouses and coats, the most important thing is to choose delicate and loose-fitting materials to contrast with the tight and casual leggings.

Complete your formal outfit with the right accessories

After creating your formal outfit with leggings, it was time to reaffirm the message with the ideal accessories. The elegance and sophistication that are present in each of the following elements:

  • Bag and wallets
  • Handkerchiefs and scarves
  • Bracelets and watch
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings or earrings

Each of these accessories are a representation of your personality and unique stamp. Use them to your advantage and get a formal look with leggings that stands out with your personal touch.

Wear appropriate footwear for a formal look with leggings

As we know, leggings are garments that go very well with low shoes such as sneakers or boots. However, combining them with a pair of stylish heels will make us highlight our formal style. Now, don't leave aside the sneakers and high boots, this type of footwear has an elegant style and will give us a sophisticated, sexy and elegant look.

Are you planning to wear a formal look with leggings? Know the benefits of this garment

If you have decided to incorporate this garment into your wardrobe and you plan to give it the greatest possible use, taking advantage of its versatility and comfort, it is necessary that you purchase the appropriate type of leggings. At MyLibi we have leggings made of a material that offers multiple benefits for your daily activity such as:

  • Bacterial control to avoid bad odor and allergies.
  • High breathability, quick drying and 0 transparency.
  • UV Factor 50 treatment for partial protection against sun rays.
  • Colors that are highly resistant to washing.

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