Teresa Bass, sus mejores looks y tendencias para 2021

Teresa Bass, her best looks and trends for 2021

Teresa Bass and her looks are part of the Instagram ecosystem in Spain. The model and influencer from Granada is synonymous with fashion and gives us a lot of diversity.

We are going to review the best looks from their social networks to give you a little inspiration for 2021.

Sportswear with a twist

It is no secret to any of you that at MyLibi we are in favor of stylizing sportswear. If you also make a great total look in one of the colors of the season and wear it with a good bag and a more urban hat we can no longer resist.

Take note, especially now that it's cold.

Leggings and performance

Minimalist sports outfit? -Yes- MyLibi? -Always. We love seeing Teresa Bass at MyLibi and she knows exactly how to rock high-waisted leggings.

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The sun will return and we will go out again

Right now, in winter and in the middle of a pandemic, we see it very far away, but the days of wearing a red dress with a low back will return. When those days come again we need one like this, with spaghetti straps.

Is worth dreaming.

Teresa bass and these pants

We must admire this outfit that revives the best of the beginning of the millennium: a cropped knit, minimal straps and maximum pants. This look wins extra points for the high waist and the nude color.

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The return of the mini

We take Teresa Bass at her word and prepare to see increasingly shorter dresses and skirts. Earn points for taking the look further with trendy boots.

The combination of long sleeves and short skirt helps us give the outfit a more elevated image by exposing less skin.

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