Tendencias sportswear 2021

Sportswear trends 2021

Sportswear is the fastest growing segment in the fashion industry and is expected to continue increasing its market share until 2026.

The lines of what is sports fashion are increasingly blurred and sportswear has begun to occupy new spaces and move from the functional to the identity-related.

Slow fashion and sportswear

In 2021 we will continue to move increasingly towards sustainability. The trend is not only to look for companies with socially and environmentally responsible policies, the real change is in changing the way we consume.

Slow fashion advocates purchasing higher quality clothing with a longer lifespan and a more timeless appearance.

To achieve this we need to get a good wardrobe and know how to combine and accessorize it. Find the best leggings on the market at MyLibi and discover how to wear them in this post .

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It's going to be that Beyonce has always been right and in 2021 the sport is going to dress up in bodysuits again.

What do we like most about this trend? It is very flattering and you can wear it with pants or without any bottom garment.

Tracksuit shorts

We had all this year to fall in love with tracksuits and next year the trend will be to wear them short and with a high waist.

We know that, like many other sportswear trends, it may seem very casual at first, but look how Bella Hadid wears it.



This is no longer a surprise to anyone. Sweatshirts have always been in our closet and today it is possible to find them in all possible presentations.

Supreme and Off White taught us that sweatshirts can be a luxury item, Gucci understood the message and today even Balmain has them in their catalog.

Next year we will opt for more minimalist options where the quality of the materials and colors take center stage.

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