¿Shorts deportivos con tacones? Cómo combinar estas dos prendas

Sports shorts with heels? How to combine these two clothes

Every year fashion surprises us with new, more daring trends that little by little make their way through the crowd. One of them is wearing sports shorts with heels, which is fashionable right now. Although you may be wondering how to combine sports shorts with heels? At MyLibi we will give you the best advice so that you can wear this combination.

Sports shorts with heels the new outfit

Shorts or shorts are an essential piece in any woman's wardrobe. It is one of the pieces that allows us the most combinations to create great looks. However, sports shorts have always been used for training days or running trips. Now a new trend of combining sports shorts with heels is emerging.

This combination should not be taken lightly since, unlike jeans or plain fabric shorts, with these the combinations are a little more restricted. This does not mean that there are only certain combinations for sports shorts with heels but that you should take into account some recommendations.

Sports shorts outside of the training outfit attract enough attention to recharge your look with many clothes. Likewise, when wearing heels, our figure looks more stylized, directing attention to the clothes we wear. That is why the center of attention of this new outfit will be them.

For this reason, the best are clothes that do not attract too much attention. Choose colors and textures so that your outfit doesn't look too busy. Here are some tips to combine your sports shorts with heels:

Sports shorts

The main piece of this new outfit is the sports shorts since, from them, you will choose the other clothes. Keep in mind from the beginning that many of your sports shorts are only for the gym since some colors or sizes that are too tight will not be appropriate for a street look.

It is preferable for your sports shorts to be solid colors rather than any design with multiple pieces of bright colors. This piece in itself will attract enough attention that the variety of colors will do so as well. Likewise, it will be easier to combine a piece with a single color than one that has three or more.

Complementary tones are an excellent option if you want to choose to combine sports shorts with heels. If you are looking for a black piece in your shorts with heels outfit, we recommend that it be the shorts.

Another recommendation we give you is to avoid sports shorts that are too tight. Although these pieces are very comfortable in the gym, for an urban style outfit it is better that they are loose. Loose short sports shorts are easy to combine with different types of blouses.

As for height, it is preferable that your shorts are high-waisted to combine with other loose clothing such as tops. Likewise, it allows you to combine with a tight-fitting T-shirt that goes inside the shorts.


After the shorts, the most important element of this summer look are the heels. It is for this reason that the heels that combine perfectly are the open summer type ones. Closed heels are the most worn with short dresses or skirts but in this case they are too formal to wear.

Sports shorts with heels are a somewhat informal outfit for which open strappy sneakers are a good option. The appropriate colors in this case are light brown ones. The summer heels with their wide wood-colored bases combine with the pastel colors of the shorts.

The height of the heel is also an element to consider as well as the shape of the base. To combine sports shorts with heels, the best option is a heel between 5 and 7 cm high that does not increase your height too much. As for the sole, platform heels combine best with this trend.

Blouses, sweaters or sports tops

The advantage of wearing high sports shorts is that they are easier to combine with the top, so it is possible to choose between blouses, sweaters, or sports tops. In each case, the ideal thing is for it to be unicolor like the garment below but for its shades to be different. That is why if you opt for black shorts, the other garment should go down to a gray or white tone.

Tight-fitting blouses are an excellent option since they do not cover too much the figure that the shorts give you. If you choose one, choose a fabric that is similar to the fabric of the shorts so that you do not lose the uniformity of the outfit. A wool blouse with cream-colored lace details is a great choice for combining sports shorts with heels.

It is preferable that your outfit does not exceed three pieces, but an excellent option to accompany a white t-shirt is a Cardigan sweater. Complete your outfit with a darker color than the other remaining pieces to balance the colors.

Another less chic but more sporty option is to opt for a sports top to combine with the shorts. This option should be completed with another garment such as a sweater that covers your back and arms. This way you show off your abdomen with the look of sports shorts with heels.

Buy sports shorts for your look

Find the best sports shorts to combine with heels in the MyLibi store. We have a wide catalog of shorts made with quality fabrics to take care of your comfort. We also have sports tops in different colors so you can complement your outfit of sports shorts with heels.

Be sure to try this new trend of sports shorts with heels with the recommendations we have given you. Remember that less is more, so a simple look will have more impact than an overloaded one. Visit the MyLibi store to learn more about our products and be aware of the advice we will give you.

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