Aeroyoga , or suspension yoga , is a physical activity that has constantly grown in popularity in recent years. This is due to its benefits in its practice and the beauty that is expressed in its exercises. Aeroyoga can be practiced both outdoors and in gyms or dance centers, always under the supervision of a professional. Today we are going to learn a little more about aeroyoga and its benefits.

Aeroyoga is a variant of yoga , in which they perform a series of postures or acrobatic movements that must be performed on a swing made of a fabric. This fabric must be hung from the ceiling to form the swing.

During the practice of aeroyoga we will hardly maintain contact with the ground, since we will have to remain on the swing while maintaining the posture in most exercises. This variant of yoga is very physical and will allow us to work the body very intensely. without leaving aside the traditional mental and spiritual relaxation of yoga .

The benefits that we can achieve through aeroyoga are the following:

Eliminates back pain: By remaining in the air and face down, the spine undergoes decompression that allows it to relax and release accumulated tension. This allows the vertebrae to align, improve circulation in the area, and relieve certain pain that may be suffered at the dorsal or lumbar level.

Combat stress: Like any yoga practice, whatever its modality, the purpose is to achieve inner peace, both spiritual and mental well-being. Aeroyoga is also enhanced thanks to that swing of the swing that gives us extra relaxation. Practicing this variant will also help us fall asleep better.

Increases memory and ability to concentrate: Once we manage to reach that inner peace, our concentration abilities increase. By being able to concentrate more, we leave room in our neuronal functions to work on memory and this leads to its increase.

Reactivates the respiratory system: In aeroyoga , as in other variants of yoga , the exercises are worked in conjunction with breathing. This practice leads us to a reactivation of the respiratory system and its correct use. This will benefit us in our daily lives and will reduce our fatigue.

Many groups can do this yoga practice, including pregnant women and children. It must be taken into account, always by medical prescription, that there are certain people who will encounter contradictions when performing aero yoga . Among these people we can find people who suffer from vertigo, who have migraines. who have hypertension problems, etc.

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