Música para yoga

music for yoga

Although there are many yoga music playlists, you can create one that best suits your needs.

There are no immovable rules other than those that work for you and help you make your practice more pleasant. Even so, we leave you X tips so that you can get a top-notch playlist.

Slow and smooth beginnings and endings

Music for yoga should be a tool that helps you connect with the correct disposition to disconnect. Starting and ending with soft music without distractions is important to give rhythm to your breathing and break the routine.



Keep current hits away from your yoga music

We have said that there is no wrong music but maybe you want to stay away from very popular songs. The stimuli generated by songs you have heard in many contexts can take your mind outside your practice.


Choose positive and happy music

Avoid songs that induce an unfavorable mood. Stay away from songs of heartbreak or tragedies and prepare to take on your session with happiness.

If there is a song that, despite its context, makes you smile, you can also include it. The important thing is to maintain positive energy.

Try to have smooth transitions

Going from one genre to another or having too sudden beat changes can be disruptive to the practice. Avoid sudden changes in volume and, if possible, try to avoid too long silences between songs.

A pro tip is to start and end songs with a volume progression from low to high.

Leave yourself a couple of extra songs

Leave a couple of extra songs in case your practice runs longer than expected. Keep in mind that there are days when you may need those extra minutes.

It's also a good idea to keep the music playing even after you're done. Leaving the music on while you pick up your equipment helps prolong the feeling of well-being and take it with you.


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