Moda minimalista 2021

Minimalist fashion 2021

New years, new opportunities and minimalist fashion returns. The textile industry once again reminds us of its ability to adapt to social circumstances, showing us its simplest, austere and elegant side.

In 2021 it is a year full of enthusiasm for vaccination and recovery, but it will also be a year of smart spending, prudent movements.

That doesn't mean that we're not going to return to the streets (more eager than ever), nor that we don't want to look good. We leave you some tips to take minimalist fashion in 2021 to another level.

Sneakers in minimalist fashion

The iconic models of Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton will be left behind and the ugly sneakers will make way for more classic sneakers with simpler lines.

Colors beyond black and gray

Although good basics in black and gray are always essential, the year 2021 opens up a new color palette for us.

Minimalist fashion will be dressed in nude tones, and muted pink and citrus colors. Buy some good leggings and tops and wear them to the gym, on the street or to lounge around at home.

Find how to combine nude colors in this post .

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Minimalist fashion is not synonymous with boredom

There is life beyond blazers and pencil skirts. Although minimalism is associated with formal attire, in 2021 what is going to happen is to mix styles by combining key garments to get more miles out of them.

Starting in spring we will see the rebirth of the suit and bandeau top combination. Find the appropriate combination for you and embrace the trend.

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Unique garments, big bets

Saying that less is more is not only commonplace, it can also often be a lie. If you choose less you must also choose to do better.

If you are going to leave all the responsibility for your look on a single garment or a single color, make sure your bet is worth it.

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