Mejores clases de yoga online en español

Best online yoga classes in Spanish

The best online yoga classes are the ones that help you meet your goals. While nothing can replace in-person practice and the guidance of a good teacher, the pandemic and time restrictions have made virtuality an increasingly popular alternative.

There are paid classes, free classes, to do at home or to wear on your helmets. There is no class or modality that works best for everyone, but in this ocean of possibilities there is surely one for you.

The Yoga Class

The virtual option to the coolest studio in the Salamanca neighborhood costs €20 per month. It offers different types of sessions and programs that can be filtered by objective and type of yoga.

What do we like the most? The possibility of having online classes and the constant presence of Lucía Liencres.

Lucía is pure light and her classes are a privilege.

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Xuang Lan

Any entry about yoga in Spain would not be complete without Xuan Lan. Her career, events, and the tranquility she transmits in all her content have positioned her as the queen of virtual yoga.

Although it has a wide collection of free videos on YouTube, it already has its Studio Online app available in which you have access to more content on different types of yoga and even live classes. For €14.99 per month you can sign up for the app and it has a free trial period for 14 days.

It also has 4 one-month intensive programs for €59 for those who want a bigger challenge.

Patricia Montero

Patricia Montero is another national reference when talking about Yoga. His YouTube channel, with almost 100,000 subscribers, is a good free option.

What do we like most about it? His casual style, goal-oriented programs and his impeccable taste in sportswear. We see you Patry and love that you always wear something from MyLibi.

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Alessandra Oram

Born in Hong Kong and living in Barcelona, ​​Alessandra Oram changed the noise of corporate life to teach yoga classes.

The best online yoga classes, as we told you, are the ones that best suit you. We like Alessandra her wonderful Vinyasa Flow. One of the best free options in Spain.

If you are looking for a one-on-one session with her you can also do it via ZOOM for €50 and you can share it with whoever is at home with you.

The best online yoga classes

Although we have presented different options, all valid and of high quality, we consider that to have a healthy routine the help of a dedicated professional is necessary.

And we know that always having one person to guide you in training is not for everyone's budget, but you have the option of including at least a couple a month.

Having someone to help you correct your posture and give you feedback on your performance is essential. Professional monitoring also helps you avoid injuries or discover new paths in your training.

At MyLibi we put ourselves in the hands of @marthitayogui who for €10 leaves you feeling like new.

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