Marta Soriano: su estilo en 7 looks

Marta Soriano: her style in 7 looks

Extremaduran influencer Marta Soriano (on Instagram @msorianob ) is already a regular at MyLibi and a style reference. Her love for Madrid and fashion inspires us, so we have decided to share our 7 favorite looks to give you ideas before Black Friday arrives.

Risks well taken

Marta Soriano has beautiful legs and she knows it. We love the combination of an oversized shirt with a vest, but our attention goes to the Track boots, a fundamental piece of Street Style from the last Paris Fashion Week.

Leggings and Marta Soriano

This is a look from the house. Marta was one of the first influencers to fall in love with MyLibi and has shown us how to get miles out of the outfit by wearing it with a coat, a Prada bag and Versace glasses. Earn extra points for overlapping socks.

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Success in red

We will not tire of repeating it, oversized colored blazers in 2020? Yes and a thousand times yes. Wearing it together is already raising the stakes and we love that. Dare to wear it with a pronounced neckline, a basic or lingerie-type top, which gives a lot of play.

Marta Soriano has decided to wear it with sandals, which is not possible right now but we are saving it for the future.

Martha in Paris

We could give Emily a couple of lessons on what to wear to stand out in the city of lights. Miniskirts are going to give a lot to talk about in 2021 and getting ahead of the trend in the city where they were born is, to say the least, appropriate.

We have already gotten used to Marta's surprise touch, in this case she wears the outfit with high white boots that are difficult to ignore.


After three years of reign of the tracksuit we are still at its feet. This trend will be even stronger this year and next, in part due to the circumstances arising from COVID-19.

The key to this outfit is its shameless intentionality. The use of boots, the print and the fisherman hat take us to the depths of streetwear.

Marta Soriano's black dress

It may be summer nostalgia, but this black spaghetti strap dress is driving us crazy. The charm of the outfit is in its simplicity, so try to complement it in a delicate way; Even Marta, who spends a lot of money, has decided to wear it with her hair up.


The Loungewear Prophecy

Just as if she knew what was coming our way, since November Marta has shown us the perfect look for us to stay at home. We already told you in our post about Loungewear, it is a trend that is here to stay.

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