Loungewear, ¿qué es y cómo llevarlo?

Loungewear, what is it and how to wear it?

Covid-19 has taught us countless lessons, one of them is the inevitability of normalizing loungewear.

The trend of loungewear, and its use outside of it, has been climbing positions in our imagination since 2014. What we could not imagine is that it was going to become our clothes for working, exercising and staying with friends.

Confinement has blurred boundaries, modified habits and accelerated changes. Let's accept the 'new normal' in our wardrobe by giving a definitive welcome to loungewear.

Essential garments

Although at home you can wear whatever you want, and the most important thing is comfort, there are garments that are powerful allies in maintaining style.


Leggings tick all the loungewear boxes with an added bonus: they're versatile. When well combined, they can be used to exercise, go shopping, watch a movie or work at home. We recommend high-waisted ones like those from MyLibi.

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Autumn-winter 2020 is going to be a perfect occasion to enjoy your cardigans and sweaters. They adapt perfectly to the balance between the street and the house with the added bonus of keeping you warm while you telework.

Sports Tops/Bralettes

Athleisure at home? Of course. Get some good tops in flat colors, you can wear them alone or wear them under the shirt or cardigan, but show it off a little, a top or a cropped top with an additional oversized layer is our most trendy bet.



There is something glamorous about kimonos wherever you wear them. Have fun with the lengths and give materials like silk a chance, a moment of dismo doesn't hurt.

Sweatshirts and Tracksuits

We did not come to reinvent the sportswear that has been in all the shop windows for more than three years: we want to remind you that a good tracksuit is an option, but take care of the quality and if you can wear the entire outfit, the better. If you don't believe me, ask Alessandra Ambrosio.

Biker Shorts

We already dedicated an entire post to the bike shorts trend. It is one of our favorite trends, and although we know it is risky, the best time to try it is while at home.

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Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts and shirt dresses are perfect for maintaining comfort on those days of endless video conferences. Allow yourself to experiment with materials, and if possible stay away from polyester.

Loungewear Colors

We are not going to tell you what colors you can wear in your own home, but we are going to give you two pieces of advice.

The first is that you opt for flat colors, not only because they are trendy (which too), but because they are garments that will be used a lot and in very different contexts, let the accessories and styling speak for you. .

The second is that you avoid filling your closet with loud colors. Look for a color palette that conveys the feeling you want to have in your home.

If you want to complement your outfits with some tie dye, do it without hesitation.


Recommended materials

Just as we explained with the colors, in loungewear it is better to prioritize quality over quantity. Make smart purchases and invest a little more in materials; Not only will they last longer, they will also make you feel more comfortable. Linen, cotton, lycra, and silk are great options.

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