Los leggings, una opción perfecta para salir de fiesta

Leggings, a perfect option for going out to parties

Rarely does a garment adapt to as many occasions in our daily lives as leggings and, until recently, they were only for going to the gym. This basic garment in our wardrobe is a success to look casual or to go to work but it is also perfect for going out to parties. Find out why you should choose leggings to go out partying with My Libi .

Enjoy the party in total comfort

The reason we went from wearing these leggings for exercise to wearing them at any event is because we felt comfortable wearing them until it seemed like we were wearing nothing. Leggings for going out to parties are an excellent option since their material is almost entirely lycra, and this fiber is very soft in contact with our skin.

In addition to this, the mobility you have when wearing leggings to go out to a party is not compared to any other clothing. The most common thing at a celebration is to wear dresses that don't leave you much freedom to move. They don't allow you to sit naturally and you have to pay attention all night to how he looks or if he gets up too much.

On the other hand, tight jeans are an option that covers more of the body but, while wearing them, tires our legs. That is why choosing leggings to go out partying is the most comfortable way to enjoy the evening because they are made to withstand all kinds of movements. Likewise, these prevent pressure on the legs so that they do not bother you.

This garment is ideal for any family celebration where you have to spend a lot of time standing. Also, when wearing leggings to go out to a party you have the freedom to enjoy dancing since the fabric will make you feel comfortable at all times.

She looks pretty and confident

One of the things that worries us the most is how we look, even more so at a party where people want to look elegant and everyone is aware of how others look. That is why we must be careful not to show too much in any movement we make or try not to look too daring if we want to show off our figure.

Leggings for going out to parties are perfect since they let you show off a stylized figure by highlighting your legs and buttocks but without showing too much. If you choose leggings with anti-see-through fabric, your skin doesn't show through when you bend over or sit, so you stay covered.

Legging combinations for going out

One more reason to wear leggings to go out and party is that they adapt to any situation. The possibilities of using them range from imitating tight pants to completing a dress so you can put together the outfit that enhances your silhouette. These are some tips for you to wear leggings to your next celebration.

Combine black leggings with cocktail dresses

The cocktail dress is one of the best for parties since it is comfortable and, above all, light. When combined with black leggings underneath, this garment creates a beautiful outfit highlighting the silhouette of your legs. One option is to wear a mid-length knee-length dress, a black legging like the Netis Black model, and complete it with high-heeled boots that match your dress.

Likewise, if you want to wear leggings to go dancing you can wear a shorter cocktail dress since the leggings will cover you. As for shoes, wear platform heels that are open to give a more elegant touch to the outfit.

It doesn't matter if the dress is floral or lace, when wearing it with leggings to go out to a party in dark colors. Black, dark brown and gray go perfectly with black leggings underneath, just keep the color of the leggings from being much darker than the dress.

Leggings with blouses

A trick when choosing leggings to go out is to take a high-cut one like the Netis cerdar brown and a blouse that covers below the waist so that it looks like tight pants. As for the design of the blouse, select an elegant or daring one that is the most striking piece of your outfit.

Choose a black blouse with a back neckline to complete with dark blue leggings for going out to a party like the Netis dark blue model . Also, you can use a light top that is not so short, but that contrasts, with a Netis iron model in a light blue tone. Add some details to your look such as a necklace, bracelets or earrings in silver tones and you will be ready to dazzle.

Also, it is an option to wear a blazer over a blouse without details that contrasts with the color of the leggings to go out, with a white or red tone. Wear this garment unbuttoned so that the three different colors of the pieces you chose can be seen and thus have a minimalist outfit perfect for a night where you need a coat.

As for shoes, for a style with blouses it will depend on how elegant you want to look. If it is a formal party, it is best to wear dark-colored high heels. Likewise, leggings look good with ballet flats if you don't like wearing heels.

Combine with denim style clothing

The texture of the jeans combined with the leggings creates an interesting contrast of smooth and rough textures that will make you look incredible. This look is ideal for an informal party or for going out dancing with friends while looking attractive without your clothes being too serious. With slate gray leggings and a tight-fitting plaid denim shirt you will have a casual party outfit.

For shoes, combine your outfit with some unicolor Converse-type sneakers that match the upper garment. Also, light boots, whether black or brown, are perfect with tights inside them to make them look like skinny jeans.

The next time you are invited to a party, don't dress in clothes that make you feel insecure and don't allow you to move easily. Instead, opt for leggings to go out to the party combined with some of the tips we have told you so that you look attractive, comfortable and elegant. Discover more tips for dressing with leggings on the MyLibi blog .

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