Looks deportivos: tendencias con tops

Sporty looks: trends with tops

Seeing so many crop tops has made us nostalgic, so today we bring you 6 sporty looks so you can take a chance on the rest of 2020 while betting on one of the trends of 2021.

Sport Chic

Almost nothing bad in life can contain the word chic. One of our favorite sports looks is the one that flirts with fashion and lets us see its trendiest side. To achieve this, pair your sportswear with street clothes and give prominence to the accessories.

Monochromatic Look

A timeless sporty look that continues to gain followers. This trend lends itself to achieving the most minimalist looks, and although we love total black, we recommend that you explore the possibilities that other colors give you.


Retro style

Beyond Ellesse there is a retro-sports universe to explore. Although the sweatshirt does not count as a top, we leave you a reference image with all the keys to master this outfit. Cycling shorts (obvious), visible socks and a bag that makes it clear that you are not running.

Sport Glam

If you mix a touch of rock, some heels and a sporty element (like an oversized t-shirt) we are in the field of sport glam. The trick to wearing it is to accompany it with a lot of attitude and accessories that complement it to obtain a very challenging sporty look.

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Baggy Sporty Look

There is no better complement to good Baggy pants than a minimalist, tight-fitting top ( like the tops we sell at MyLibi ). Not everything can be oversized and it will let you know that there is a great body under so much fabric. Dare with a cropped one.

Touch of Color

This 2020, and with everything that has happened, we have seen an increase in black and nude looks (which we love). Give variety to your wardrobe with colored tops that stand out and thus highlight the more side of your outfit.

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