Leggings Outfit: Ideas para llevar tus mallas en 2020

Leggings Outfit: Ideas to wear your leggings in 2020

Outfit leggings are one of those trends that arouse love and hate. The truth is that they are back for fall 2020, and whether you prefer them in their traditional or 'flare' form, the reality is that you will not be able to ignore them. So we teach you how to make winning outfits with your leggings so that you can wear them with complete confidence.

The first thing you need, obviously, is to get some good leggings. Look for high-waisted, good-quality ones: transparency can ruin all the effort and make you look bad. We invite you to discover MyLibi Leggings.



With Coat

There is great beauty in the complementary. Wearing a coat with leggings shows us an outfit balanced between elasticity and warmth and between private and public. If you don't believe us, believe Victoria Beckham.

With Sweatshirt

We are not inventing anything new here. Wearing a sweatshirt with leggings is a classic look and its success lies in the ability to balance the volumes. Dare to wear cropped or oversized sweatshirts.

Outfit With Blazer

We cannot deny that this is our favorite option. An outfit of leggings and a blazer may be the most fashion forward option on this list. To put the cherry on the sundae, look for monochromatic or color-block combinations to take this trend to its fullest.


Leggings with denim jacket

This option is perfect for halftime. Wearing a loose denim jacket with your leggings will give you a more urban style, and since it is in a neutral color, you can wear it with leggings of your favorite color and a good white top.


With t-shirt

We are big fans of wearing leggings with a top, that's true, but to give diversity to your looks there is the option of a t-shirt. Two suggestions: the first is to give the oversized ones a chance (yes, we are heavy but that's what's coming), and even the sleeveless ones; The second is that you dare to wear them with your socks outside.


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