Leggings, famosas, influencers, fotones y MyLibi

Leggings, celebrities, influencers, photons and MyLibi

The leggings of celebrities and Instagrammers are news in 2020. They know how to recognize a trend when they see it and we are passionate about seeing them. Let's review a list of the main celebrities and influencers seen wearing MyLibi (that we have evidence).

Noelia Lopez

The Sevillian model Noelia López Vidal has given us some of our favorite photos. Normally, that happens if you combine a killer body, MyLibi and her great style.


Lucia Rivera Romero

The model Lucía Rivera, at only 22 years old, is already a regular customer of the brand and is pure inspiration. In Madrid, Barcelona or Paris you have been seen with our products and we could not feel better represented.


Aretha Fuste

Our relationship with Aretha Fusté has been going on for some time now and we declare ourselves fans of her style, her books and her photos.

Teresa Bass

The model and Youtuber Teresa Bass was seen wearing one of our Dark Purple outfits. Neither we nor her more than 300,000 followers get tired of seeing her.


Anabel Hernandez

Instagramer Anabel Hernández left us breathless with this photo taken this summer in the mountains of Andorra. Impeccable at any time.


Angela Cremonte

Ángela Cremonte, just as you see her in Las Chicas del Cable, you see her in a park giving us style lessons with a MyLibi outfit in Blush and White.


Carlota Boza

At only 19 years old, Carlota Boza is an actress, designer and the very serene protagonist of this fantasy in two shades of blue.


Veronica Ferraro

Italian blogger Verónica Ferraro is an authority on fashion. It is not strange to see her attending fashion weeks, writing for her blog 'The Fashion Fruit' or exercising in MyLibi outfits.


Patricia Montero

The actress Patricia Montero is Valencian and a yogi (like us). We fully identify with their values ​​and lifestyle. When we think of celebrity leggings, she is the first one that comes to mind.


Cecilia Laulanne

Cecilia Laulanne is one of those perfect combinations. We are fascinated by her hair, her eyes and EVERYTHING about her.


Celia Gabbiani

Celia, more than a fitness authority, is a legend in every sense of the word. She is our best test of endurance.


Raquel Reitx

More than half a million people see Raquel Reitx the same as we do: per-fec-ta. Instagramers' leggings are serious, and so are their photos.


Carmen Santacruz

Another of the most promising models in Spain, Carmen Santacruz, illuminated our screens with this photon from our Wine-colored outfit.


Alba Rico

Alba Rico Navarro is an actress, singer and dancer, but the main protagonist of the following photo is her dog, which couldn't be more beautiful.


Maite Aguirre

More than a teacher, Maite Aguirre is an ambassador of Yoga and a lifestyle reference. When we grow up we want to be like her.

Liz Emiliano

It seems like Liz Emiliano was born to wear that Blush outfit. The cameras love her and so do we. Discover how to wear colored leggings.


Martha Soriano

There are more than 300,000 reasons to be happy that Marta Soriano wears your clothes; One of our favorites is how well everything suits him.


Marta López Álamo

Marta López is more than a mannequin, for many she is a lifestyle reference. We are happy to accompany her in her exercise routines and thus catch a trick or two.


Anita Matamoros

The influencer has given us a sample of how MyLibi is worn when you are 20 years old and have pink hair.


Elisabeth Reyes, Silvia Zamora, Karla Gorive, Corina Randazzo, Teresa Bass, Susana Molina, Estela Grande, Anna Padilla, Natalia Cabezas, Laura Matamoros, Sara Baceiredo and Laura Álvarez have also been protagonists of our stories, and although we cannot list them all, we can which you can see on our Instagram account .

At MyLibi we are passionate about lifestyle, and beyond being celebrity leggings, we are a lifestyle.

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