Las mejores prendas para viajar cómoda en avión

The best clothes to travel comfortably by plane

Going on a trip involves spending time waiting for a flight, hours on the plane and finally walking to reach the place where you are going to stay. This is why you need to choose comfortable travel clothes whenever you think about visiting other destinations. Wearing comfortable clothes to travel by plane guarantees a relaxed journey, so at MyLibi we recommend the best outfits to wear on a flight.

Comfortable and elegant clothes for traveling by plane

During flights it is common to see two types of traveling girls: those who wear the latest fashion clothes and those who prepare to sleep as if they were at home. The former maintain an elegant look during the flight, in addition to arriving ready to leave the airport. On the contrary, the latter prefer a look to travel comfortably regardless of how they look.

Each one opts for style or comfortable clothing for traveling, although it is not necessary for you to choose between one or the other. Traveling comfortably depends on the material of the clothing as well as the designs, which adapt to fashion to achieve an elegant outfit for traveling. These are the items that we recommend for comfortable clothing for traveling.


Outfits for comfortable traveling need you to look good from the moment you leave the house to take the taxi to the airport. The most important reasons to look good when leaving home are waiting at the airport and arriving at your destination. You may spend several hours waiting because your flight is delayed or because it takes a long time to get through security checks.

Likewise, when you arrive at your destination airport you will go through security checks before picking up the taxi again or going out for a walk. That is why the garment that your legs wear must look good, in addition to being comfortable clothing for traveling. In this case, we recommend wearing leggings , since they are an easy-to-combine garment made of soft fibers.

Leggings are preferred by women to go to the gym due to the flexibility of movement of the fabric along with the softness that feels on the skin. Leggings like the netis wine legging adjust to the figure of your waist and legs so that you look slim during the trip. These comfortable clothes for traveling by plane are perfect because they will not irritate your skin.

An advantage of leggings over pants is that despite fitting to your body, they are not uncomfortable when sitting for a long time. Jeans do not allow you to move freely enough to fall asleep on a flight of more than five hours since the knee and waist areas are tight when changing positions.

The fiber of the leggings is completely elastic so, regardless of the position you sleep in on the plane, it will adopt it without generating pressure. It is for this same reason that athletes prefer them when exercising. Likewise, leggings are part of the comfortable clothing for traveling in your closet and will protect your legs from the cold of the plane.

Graphic t-shirt or top

The torso piece to be worn on the plane should preferably be loose-fitting or made of lycra fabric. A perfect option to combine with leggings are sports tops , which, like these, adapt to the shape of the body. They are comfortable pieces of clothing for traveling by plane without closures or seams that interfere with sleeping.

Some models of long-sleeved tops, such as the peito slate gray top, protect your arms from the cold of the plane while showing off your thin arms and highlighting your chest. Another option is sleeveless sports tops that expose your arms like a lounge shirt. Combining them with leggings will give you a look of comfortable clothing for sightseeing. This way you won't have to change when you arrive.

Another comfortable clothing option for travel is to opt for a graphic t-shirt or printed top to pair with the netis blush leggings . These should be loose and preferably made of cotton so that you do not feel discomfort when spending many hours on the plane. Since the other piece highlights your waist, a cropped graphic t-shirt in a lighter color will create a casual, fashionable combination for your trip.


If you travel to a cold place, it is not necessary to change your comfortable clothes for traveling but rather add a jacket that warms you enough. One of the comfortable looks for traveling in winter most used by celebrities is the one that combines sportswear with a leather and fur jacket.

It's also wise to wear a boyfriend-style wool sweater if you're looking for comfortable clothing for winter travel. A loose garment over a sleeveless top that shows your bare neck protects you from the cold.

Another piece of clothing for comfortable airplane travel with a more formal touch is the office or American style jacket below the waist. With it, you create a look for comfortable winter travel that covers your arms and legs from low temperatures. These button-down jackets, shaped like a jacket tight at the waist, are the most used because they are padded and light.


After leggings, the most important piece of comfortable clothing for traveling by plane is sports shoes. Needless to say, don't wear heels on a plane because they won't let your feet rest at any time. For their part, sports shoes are soft on the inside while their weight is almost imperceptible.

With them you complete your comfortable outfits for traveling without having to take them off to rest your feet during the flight. Likewise, they help you from the moment you arrive at the airport to the journey you take to get to the hotel. You should not suffer in the waiting room, at airport controls and at the end of the flight you will be able to walk long distances without problems.

These shoes are fashionable, not only in the sports field but are used to complete informal styles. Therefore, if you combine them with comfortable women's pants for traveling and a graphic t-shirt, you will get a fashionable look with which you can sleep comfortably on the plane if you wish.

Therefore, they should not only be part of comfortable outfits for traveling, but also for any tourist outing in your destination. Combining leggings with running shoes ensures a comfortable outfit for traveling and exploring your destination.

Traveling should not mean a catastrophe for you in terms of comfort or fashion, if you use our clothes to travel comfortably on the plane. You just need to match the colors of the clothes and you will travel in style without feeling uncomfortable because of the clothes. Find the best models of comfortable clothing for your next trip in the MyLibi store. Contact us !

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