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The best brands of sports leggings

Women's sportswear is designed to make you feel comfortable while you exercise. For this reason, their technologies change every day. The best brands of fitness leggings offer you total freedom of movement in addition to having attractive designs. At MyLibi we recommend some brands of sports leggings that will make you look good inside and outside the gym.

The most recognized fitness leggings brands

The leggings of the following sports brands are those that lead the market and specialize in many disciplines. You will find leggings in high cuts, low cuts, knee lengths and classic shorts so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition, they usually take into account the latest trends so that you can use them not only for sports but also to dress in them for any occasion.

Likewise, these brands of sports leggings have the support of different sports personalities, actresses and singers who wear them daily on their social networks. The main brands in terms of quality today are:

  • My Libi
  • adidas
  • Nike
  • Cougar
  • asics
  • Skechers

My Libi

Our brand of colored leggings is focused on creating quality garments that adapt to the demands of sports centers but that are also used in your daily life. The leggings have UV 50 sun protection technologies and are antibacterial so that germs from sweat do not adhere to the garment.

Our seamless unicolor designs are perfect to combine with women's gym tops . Leggings adapt to any other garment to achieve a casual, elegant look or to complete the work outfit.



One of the most popular fitness leggings brands in gyms is Adidas . Like its sports equipment, it has an excellent quality-price ratio. Adidas women's sports leggings have the advantage of not having any type of seam. As a result, the skin will never be marked.

These Adidas sports leggings are ideal for training like CrossFit, where the intensity of the exercise requires greater comfort. Regarding the models, they do not have brands that make them look informal, so with black Adidas leggings it is possible to create a formal look.

Likewise, this company has a more urban line with colorful prints called Originals. Adidas Originals women's sports leggings are more streetwear to create informal outfits without leaving comfort aside.


Another important sports leggings brand is Nike , which stands out for being, along with Adidas, the creators of the best sports shoes. Nike sports leggings are some of the most comfortable on the market, with a lycaded fabric that hugs our body without putting pressure in any position.

Nike women's fitness leggings integrate sweat evaporation technology called Dri-Fit. It consists of small pores in the fabric that expel sweat so that it slides, preventing the heaviness and bad smell of the clothes.

Their styles vary but always tend towards an informal look. Nike sports leggings for women are perfect to combine with your everyday life.


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Like the previous ones, Puma is a sports leggings brand recognized for sports accessories of all kinds. Their tights share the quality with the sneakers created by the brand by incorporating weather protection technologies. In this way, Puma sports leggings protect you from the sun's rays and winter.

They integrate UV protection technology so that your skin is not affected by being exposed to the sun for a long time. Likewise, they maintain balanced body temperature in cold weather so you can exercise anywhere.

The style is one of the most modern with textures that imitate the reliefs of other fabrics. Also popular are their bright prints that combine different colored lycras to change the classic style. These models are ideal for creating an outfit with limited colors where the details of the legging stand out.


Famous in the world of running, Asics has become one of the best leggings brands for its quality and especially its prices. Despite being one of the most accessible on the market, it has perspiration technology similar to that of Nike women's leggings called Motion Dry.

Not only do they remove sweat from your clothes, but they also keep your skin warm on rainy days so you can exercise in total comfort. In addition, their models include a pocket to store the Smartphone discreetly without affecting the silhouette of the tights. Their designs are classic and easy to wear in your daily life with total comfort.


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Being a large athletic shoe company, Sketchers has become an equally renowned leggings brand. They have the quality of integrating sun protection and perspiration technologies to regulate sweat output, but they stand out for their high waists. They are made up of a piece with greater elasticity that shapes the figure on the hips.

Like Asics, Skechers leggings have pockets that make them very comfortable for walking down the street. Their designs are mostly unicolor but belong to the same lines as the shoes, so when you buy both they form a set.

Choose the designs of the best brands of sports leggings so that you feel comfortable on any occasion. Enter the My Libi store to find more models of quality fitness leggings that adapt to your lifestyle. Learn more about how to wear leggings and look elegant on our blog .

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