Guía de regalos: Día de la madre 2021

Gift Guide: Mother's Day 2021

Mother's Day is the occasion to show mom how much you appreciate her. But when the holiday rolls around, it can seem nearly impossible to find a gift that adequately expresses your love and appreciation. If your mother, grandmother, aunt, stepmother, godmother, is one of those "superwomen" who also follows healthy trends, take a look at these gift ideas.

Abdominal exercise roller

It's perfect when you're looking for a last minute gift for someone you know enjoys fitness and health, or just to add to your big fitness gift basket as it doesn't cost much. The abdominal exercise roller is basically, as the name suggests, a wheel with handles on each side for the purpose of moving it back and forth while on the floor for an abdominal exercise.

Kettlebells or kettlebells

Kettlebell training is accessible and practical for everyone. Whether she is an elite athlete looking for a gadget, or wants to get into the fitness world for the first time.

Initially used by the Russian military, these engage and exercise every part of the body with each repetition. They can be used for squats, clean and jerks, snatches, rotating swing and much more.

Jump rope

Jump rope training is one of the best kept secrets in fitness right now. It is ideal for all fitness and skill levels. It adapts to all training goals: fat loss, endurance, strength or performance. And the best thing, it can be done anywhere.

Neoprene fanny pack

The fanny pack, also known as a funny pack, crossed the line from tourist accessory to hypebeast accessory a long time ago. Now, it has become as common a practical option as a backpack or handbag. One good reason: it allows you to have your hands completely free but still travel light. Sure, it looks cool, but it's also versatile and useful.

Smart bracelet

Many people who begin their weight loss journey do so relatively blind. You can go for a jog and be careful about what you eat, but a structured and informed approach to weight loss relies on having plenty of information at hand about your body, your diet and your exercise routine.

Fitness trackers are great tools for getting that kind of information. Your mother will be able to record her calories expended, her heart rate, track her sleep and even receive notifications while she trains.


There's something about new activewear that makes exercise fun and inspiring! Leggings are always a good option; There are never too many in a closet. In fact, they are versatile and versatile garments that allow you to wear them on various occasions, both formal and informal.

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