Consigue un look con estilo llevando leggings

Get a stylish look wearing leggings

Are you thinking about how to wear leggings with style next season? At MyLibi we bring you everything you need to know to look great in this item of clothing.

Versatile, comfortable and of various designs, leggings are tight-fitting elastic pants that have conquered the wardrobe of today's woman. This is an option that is continually reinvented for the creation of different outfits.

Despite its versatility, wearing this garment with style is a challenge. For this reason, it is important to know the tips for wearing leggings and looking fantastic! If you are wondering how to wear leggings, keep reading because we bring you lots of tips.

Learn in 4 keys how to wear leggings with style

At MyLibi we will tell you in a simple way the 4 most important keys that you should keep in mind to wear leggings with style. If you are wondering what to wear with leggings and what is the right way to wear this outfit, you are in the right place.

Leggings are here to stay! Learn how to wear leggings with style and make the most of their comfort and versatility.

Create layers and balance your outfit

A key to knowing how to wear leggings with style is to create layers to balance and stylize your figure. This is possible with the use of shirts, blazers, sweaters or coats made of different materials with a length that exceeds the buttocks so that certain areas are not marked.

Try to wear long tops, shirts and blazers

As we well know, leggings are very tight elastic pants, so it is very important to take care not to show certain areas too much. In this sense, it is best to combine our leggings with long garments such as shirts, loose tops and blazers. To accentuate our waist we can incorporate a belt or other accessory.

Wear appropriate underwear

Among the tips for wearing leggings, this is one of the most important. Although it can be applied to the use of any type of garment, when wearing tight elastic pants it is crucial. To do this, you must take care that the size, color and material of your underwear is not transparent in your leggings.

Give them the correct use

It is a fact that leggings are very versatile clothing items, however they are not for all occasions. Avoid using it at elegant events or dates and important work interviews or meetings.

3 styles to wear leggings

At MyLibi we know how important it is to know how to dress for every occasion. For this reason we bring you three ways, three options on how to wear leggings with style on a casual outing, sports activity or even going to work.

How to wear leggings with casual style

This is one of the styles that has the most possibilities to make the most of the use of leggings. However, we cannot forget the basic relationships to use this garment. For casual outings you can opt for both flat-colored leggings and slightly more striking prints. As long as you know how to combine colors and prints in a balanced way, you can create different looks for each type of occasion. Create your combinations with maxi coats, sports shoes or flats.

How to wear leggings with work style

You've probably already heard that you shouldn't wear leggings to work. But the truth is that this will depend on whether you know how to combine your outfit in a balanced way that, in addition to being comfortable, has the touch of formality that the work environment requires. One way to achieve this look is by creating a multi-layered outfit. Wear dark-colored leggings with a long shirt paired with a long blazer. As for footwear, leggings with boots, medium heels, flats or stilettos go very well for these types of occasions.

How to wear leggings with a sporty style

When going to the gym or doing outdoor physical activities, sports leggings are a garment that has become a key element for the comfort and flexibility of the female body. This type of leggings are made of a special material that protects from irritation and dries quickly. The best way to wear sports leggings with style is to combine them with tops of the same material in bright colors, creating an attractive color palette.

Advantages of wearing leggings

In addition to knowing how to wear leggings with style, it is important that you keep in mind the characteristics that tight-fitting elastic pants should have and the advantages they have.

At MyLibi we specialize in women's sportswear and leggings designed with a special material that has:

  • Bacterial control to avoid bad odor and allergies.
  • High breathability, quick drying and 0 transparency.
  • UV50 Factor treatment for partial protection against sun rays.
  • Colors that are highly resistant to washing.

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