¿Conoces las diferencias entre leggings y jeggings?

Do you know the differences between leggings and jeggings?

Skinny pants, like leggings and jeggings, have become a staple in today's woman's wardrobe. These pants are light, comfortable and very feminine, and they are also very versatile when it comes to combining with other clothes. This makes them ideal for going to work, a casual date or even playing sports. Do you want to know the difference between leggings and jeggings? At MyLibi we bring you all the answers and advice so that both are part of your wardrobe.

If you are looking for the best options to incorporate these garments into your wardrobe, it is best that you know the differences between leggings and jeggings. This way you can create different looks with your wardrobe.

Continue reading this post and follow our tips to combine leggings and jeggings so that they highlight the best of your figure.


What are jeggings?

Jeggings are elastic pants that have similar characteristics to tights or leggings. Its particularity? Jeggings have the look of jeans but with the comfort of leggings.

Benefits of wearing jeggings and leggings

Light, comfortable and with very varied designs: jeggings have arrived to expand the options for feminine pants. Discover below all the benefits they bring to you.

Comfort and flexibility at all times

Thanks to the elastic and cool material with which these pants are made, they offer maximum comfort. This makes them ideal for use at any time of the day. Unlike traditional jeans or jeans, jeggings and leggings give you that casual look in a less rigid material that gives you greater freedom of movement.

They highlight the best of each silhouette

Jeggings fit the body, achieving the effect of skinny jeans without tightening. Its shape and material benefits all types of figures. Whether you are thin, curvy or size XL, they will help you highlight your figure without making you uncomfortable. Also, they go well for tall and short women. Depending on how you decide to combine these pants, you can make your legs look longer. Both leggings and jeggings adapt to your body and enhance your silhouette.


They come in various colors and designs

Like jeans, jeggings are available in different designs: classic, black, washed, embellished or with a worn effect.

You can also find leggings in a wide range of models and colors, and if you visit MyLibi you will see all the varieties of leggings that it offers so that you can combine them with the t-shirts, shirts or tops that you like the most.

They are light and do not need ironing

Lightweight and small in size, jeggings are ideal for both traveling and saving space in the closet. In addition, the material with which they are made does not wrinkle so you can say goodbye to the iron.

Tips for wearing jeans and looking fabulous

  • Jeggings must necessarily reach the ankles. The leggings, on the other hand, do not. If you are short, it is best to wear these elastic pants with heels.
  • It is recommended that you combine jeggings with long tops that cover your derrier. On the other hand, leggings can be combined with both short and long garments, they will stylize your figure in the same way, regardless of what you wear on top.

What are leggings?

Leggings are elastic pants designed to provide comfort and fit the female body. They are very versatile and ideal for a casual outing. One of the best-known varieties of this type of elastic pants are sports leggings.

Advantages of wearing leggings

They are ideal for use in summer because they are breathable and comfortable. You can use them to go out or play sports, since they are a basic garment that should be part of your wardrobe. In addition to fitting the body and highlighting curves just like jeggings, leggings offer excellent advantages. Find out what other benefits MyLibi leggings have :

High breathability and quick drying

MyLibi leggings are made with a special material that allows the skin to breathe and dry quickly. This reduces skin irritations and allergies, as well as unpleasant sweat stains.

0 transparencies and high resistance

MyLibi leggings are made from a special »0» transparent fabric. This is a great advantage to show off an impeccable outfit without showing what you don't want to show. In addition, the material of these leggings has a high resistance to washing so the color and print of the garment do not wash away.

Tips for combining leggings

When it comes to combining your leggings everything will depend on the occasion or event you are going to attend. If it is a casual outing, choose the elastic pants that you like the most. Combine it with bright tones to balance with more sober garments. It is important that the other clothes are a little looser to give a relaxed look and to keep you comfortable.

On the other hand, if you are going to do physical activities, such as dance, Pilates or running, you can combine them with tops of the same fabric:

  • Long sleeve

  • Sleeveless

  • With straps

By combining these garments, you will have an ideal outfit to achieve your challenges on the track or in the gym. Leggings are a garment that adapts to the needs of today's woman: active, determined and without limitations. The design of these garments offers the comfort and freedom of movement that the female body needs in its multiple daily activities.

What footwear can I combine my leggings or jeggings with?

These types of pants combine with all types of footwear, so they are very versatile when creating outfits. In this sense, if it is summer and you want to wear a casual or sporty look, sandals, flats or ballet flats are an excellent option. For winter they look great with boots or ankle boots.

Buy leggings online

Decide to include these versatile garments in your wardrobe and feel comfortable and attractive at all times. If you are thinking about buying leggings online, we invite you to discover the MyLibi clothing line . Each of our garments is made with quality materials and trendy designs. Follow us on our social networks and find out all the news we bring to you, or if you prefer, contact us here to make your purchase.



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