Cómo vestir y combinar de forma elegante con leggings

How to dress and combine elegantly with leggings

Leggings are an excellent option to dress elegant and feel comfortable on any occasion. It is true that this garment has a more sporty tone but if you know how to combine leggings in an elegant way you will have a comfortable and sophisticated look. Learn how to do it with My Libi .

This garment is one of our favorites to wear daily because of the soft feeling of the fabric when it touches the skin. In addition, leggings have the quality of highlighting our figure. Therefore, you need to take these tips into account to know how to combine leggings for a formal event or at work.

How to dress elegant with leggings

Open your closet and take note of these tips!

Choose what color you will use

One of the keys to knowing how to combine leggings is to be especially careful when choosing the color you are going to use. This garment stands out as much as a tight dress, so, unlike jeans, it will be more attractive. Therefore, before choosing the other clothes, start with a neutral-colored legging without a print.

Solid color leggings are the best option to dress elegantly since they resemble pants or tights. Keep in mind that formal clothing must above all be uniform. Knowing how to combine black leggings is an advantage because they are more elegant.

Garments like the Black leggings with soft textures are the easiest to wear since, with a top garment that covers the waist, they look like tight pants. Without

However, do not use this color on every occasion, especially if you plan to go to work in leggings. Other dark tones also work, such as pairing high-cut navy leggings.

Models like the Netis blue are perfect for attending a night party without having to worry about the dress or think about the cold of the night. These tones look elegant on any occasion, but the way to combine white leggings is very different. Light tones give you a more relaxed and less formal appearance.

Colors like the salmon of the netis blush along with a white garment create a very casual look. The same thing happens when combining light gray leggings.

Blouses or shirts

The top garment is what will give that touch of elegance to your look. It is best to wear blouses with attractive designs. How to combine black leggings? Choosing a blouse with low shoulders that leaves your neck exposed is a perfect option. In the case of blouses, the best ones are those that have asymmetrical cuts or that resemble that of dresses.

Try to make the garment close to the body so that, together with the leggings, your silhouette is marked. Also, it needs to cover you below the waist and not show the edge of the leggings. So you should opt for V-shaped garments.

Extra-long button-down shirts are another option for pairing leggings with a dressy look. A blue denim shirt fitted at the waist along with leggings will give you a refined and comfortable look for attending a meeting.

Complement the look with a jacket

The jacket is a garment that will help you look even more sophisticated along with your leggings. An excellent option is a simple leather jacket without pockets, without zippers that are too noticeable and that fits your silhouette. With it, you counteract the thinness of the leggings. You will give that chic touch to your outfit that will make you stand out in style and be on trend.

When wearing a long shirt, you can wear a fitted jacket closed to look more formal. To do this, choose one of a contrasting color compared to the leggings, either lighter or darker than them. The most attractive way to combine light leggings like netis iron is with a pair of black jacket that stands out and completes your look.

Another type of garment that you should include when you want to look elegant with leggings is a long or short cardigan with buttons, since its classic shape resembles business suits. When using it, keep in mind the same principle of colors and opt for the most low-cut models that reveal the garment you are wearing underneath.

Dresses with leggings

Dresses with leggings look elegant, especially at night events or during the winter, since they protect you from the cold. These should be used with care because even if we use light leggings, they will never have the same effect as pantyhose or stockings.

A good idea to wear a dress is to combine some thin black lycra leggings. Short dresses with leggings underneath stylize the legs in a similar way to tights but without being as daring. In this way, you can tone down the body-hugging dresses that leave your legs uncovered for a formal occasion.

Finish off the outfit with shoes

To look attractive you don't have to combine leggings with high heels. Height makes women look slimmer, legs look longer, and posture is more attractive. That is why, if the occasion requires it, it doesn't hurt to wear high heels to look more attractive.

However, the idea of ​​wearing leggings is comfort and this type of footwear is not very comfortable, so others that look just as good are sneakers. The ones that go without laces are the best accessory to wear with tights during the summer to be comfortable. Regarding colors, when wearing leggings like netis Slate gray , the metallics create a striking contrast.

Likewise, in winter it is better to wear shoes that protect you from the cold such as high boots or military-style ankle boots. Whether with or without heels, they give a feminine touch by highlighting your legs.

Dressing elegant should not prevent you from feeling comfortable. Create your own style to dress attractively for any occasion by following My Libi's guidelines. Enter our blog to learn more about how to combine leggings and visit our store where you will find different models of modern and exclusive leggings.

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