Cómo escoger la ropa más adecuada para hacer deporte

How to choose the most appropriate clothing for sports

Before practicing any physical activity, it is necessary that you choose the appropriate clothing for sports as this influences the results and the sensation when you move. I don't know if it's just about choosing loose or fitted clothes according to your taste, you must take into account everything from the materials to the season of the year in which you are. At MyLibi we will give you some tips to buy the right clothes.

What is the appropriate clothing for sports?

Each discipline has a different focus and therefore requires a specific type of garment, but beyond that, appropriate clothing for exercising is governed by the same principles. Among them are some such as hygiene, the quality of the material and comfort. These are some tips to keep in mind when buying appropriate clothing for sports.

Don't wear cotton clothes

It seems contradictory that the appropriate clothing for sports is not made of cotton, taking into account that it is a very comfortable material, but this is for hygiene reasons. Cotton is not suitable for exercising since, when we sweat, our fluids become trapped in the fabric, preventing them from being removed from the body. This causes bacteria to accumulate in our body while we exercise.

As a consequence of this, we generate a bad odor due to the accumulation of sweat that is not breathable through clothing. In addition, it adds to the fabric, making the feeling of wearing it heavy and wet. Therefore, when we sit on a machine or lean on a surface, our perspiration passes through our clothes.

These garments are not suitable clothing for sports because washing them is more complicated than synthetic ones. Organic fibers are more difficult to disinfect and if we take into account the amount of sweat that cotton absorbs, a simple wash is not enough to leave it clean.

Choose antibacterial sports clothing

Unlike cotton and natural fibers, antibacterial fabrics prevent germs from accumulating on clothing to keep your skin clean. The main difference with the previous ones is that their fabrics are completely breathable to prevent sweat from accumulating in clothing.

In this way the sweat is released making it suitable clothing for sports.

Antibacterial clothing prevents the proliferation of germs on fabrics that can remain on them after washing and reproduce. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and spandex (Elastane) are not suitable for bacteria to multiply since they cannot cling to them. Therefore, after washing them, they are completely clean.

At MyLibi we recognize the importance of the hygiene of appropriate clothing for physical exercise. Our garments are antibacterial. The spandex (Elastane) fabrics of leggings and sports tops prevent sweat from adhering to the fabric, causing bad odor or skin diseases.

Look for UV protection

Outdoor sports require special care so that your skin does not suffer the impact of the sun every time you go out to train. Therefore, the appropriate clothing for playing sports outside of the gym is that which integrates UV protection technology. This serves as a cover between your skin and the sun's rays, preventing them from affecting it.

Leggings, like the netis black , from our store, have UV50 technology that protects your skin from the intense action of the sun. Its function is similar to that of beach protectors, they prevent your skin from burning or suffering from any illness due to being exposed to the sun for a long time.

A runner or cyclist must have this type of clothing to prevent the wear and tear of their skin from preventing physical activity.

Choose clothes according to the exercise you practice

Surely at some point you heard someone say that the appropriate clothing for exercising must be baggy, because this is not entirely true. Only some activities require loose clothing, since wearing it in other activities would be a problem. Therefore, the appropriate clothing for sports depends on the discipline you practice.

An example of appropriate clothing for exercise is weight lifting, where the arms need mobility and the torso is not directly worked. On the other hand, running also requires loose clothing to allow rapid movement of the legs.

On the other hand, this is not the case with exercises that require unusual poses and require a certain flexibility in clothing. This is the case of Zumba or yoga, where the appropriate clothing for exercise is more fitted, such as the netis cedar brown leggings that give you freedom to bend your legs.


Disciplines of maximum physical demand, such as high-intensity exercises or martial arts, require even greater movement of your legs. Therefore, in these cases the most appropriate clothing for exercising is short leggings . With them, it will be easy to crouch, jump, kick or crawl on the ground without any difficulty.

Choose a top and sports bra

An appropriate piece of underwear for exercise is non-wired or sports bras. These do not have any type of metal nor do they need to be adjusted, you just have to buy the correct size to use it and make it comfortable. If you have not worn one before, choose the cup size of your usual bra and make sure that the strap on the chest allows two fingers to pass under it without applying too much pressure.

This way you will be able to keep your breasts firm without squeezing your chest during exercise. Another piece of clothing suitable for sports is the sports top, as it keeps your posture upright and your breasts firm. In addition, this piece leaves your belly exposed to balance the temperature while freeing your arms to make any movement.

Combine these garments with sports running shoes that will keep your feet comfortable in any sporting discipline. Follow the advice in this article. Choose the right clothes for sports and you will be ready to exercise comfortably and safely.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about what is the right clothing for sports. We will be happy to assist you!

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