¿Cómo combinar leggings de colores?

How to combine colored leggings?

Rivers of ink have been written about how to wear black leggings, or leather leggings. This 2020, and with the return of leggings in all their presentations (including cycling), we are going to make a complete entry on how to combine colored leggings.

Monochromatic look or total look

This is one of the easiest ways to style your leggings and still make an impact. Wearing it is very simple, because you only have to look for a whole set of the same color .

We recommend being careful with the accuracy of the color, especially if you are not going to wear more layers of clothing, as it could generate the opposite effect and break the magic.


color block

The Color Blocking trend, very current since 2019, consists of wearing 2 or 3 solid colors that contrast with each other. We have an important warning with these combinations and that is that you should AVOID prints and fabrics with too much texture at all costs.


How to wear leggings with analogous colors

Knowing how to combine analogous colors is very simple. You take a color wheel and find the neighbors of a main color.

In this case, unlike the previous one, what we are looking for is to find very similar colors and use them, if possible, in groups of three. For example, leggings, a top and a gardigan (yes, with a G) are the perfect composition for this case.

How to combine nude leggings

This can be one of the most difficult and at the same time powerful ways to wear colored leggings. The key is very simple and is choosing a color slightly different from your skin color. Darker skin can use tones more inclined towards beige, and for lighter skin tones more inclined towards brown are recommended.

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Triadic combinations

Triadic combinations, as you can guess from the name, are made up of three colors; These are not chosen at random, but on the contrary are carefully selected making an equilateral triangle on the color wheel.


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