Cómo combinar leggings con deportivas

How to combine leggings with sneakers

If you are looking for how to combine leggings with sneakers, this post is for you. Since the arrival of this versatile piece of clothing, the opportunities to create great looks are at your fingertips.

Whether they are colored black with some colorful details, combining leggings with sneakers is a way to achieve fantastic looks that are comfortable and original at the same time.

This combination has become a hallmark of today's active woman. At MyLibi we bring you ideas for creative, modern and original looks to wear leggings with sneakers.

Ideas to combine leggings with sports shoes

Dare with these cosmopolitan looks that combine leggings with sneakers. Each one of them is designed to make you look comfortable, beautiful and confident. Get the most out of your stretch pants with the ideas we present below.

Total black look with colored sneakers

Look sophisticated with a total black look with colored sneakers. Jacket, sweater or sweatshirt and black leggings , and add a touch of color with bright colored sports shoes. With this outfit and dark glasses you will look like a diva and you will attract attention wherever you go.

Modern and casual with large coats

Create this look with leggings and a top tucked in, combine it with a bulky coat and your favorite sneakers. If it's cold outside, put on a wool hat, choose the backpack or bag that best suits you and you're ready to set the trend.

Create an outfit in white scale

This is a very sophisticated look, it consists of putting together the outfit from different white garments. It is likely that not all of them have the same shade of white and this is the challenge, creating a scale until reaching the sneakers. You can achieve this with white leggings, a white top and blazer in different shades and your white or pale pink sneakers.

Pastel colors and beige sneakers

Show your fun and tender side, ideal for an afternoon outing. Get this outfit by combining light blue, gray or beige leggings with beige sneakers. Use tops and jackets with pink, white or light blue tones and you are ready to dazzle.

Fur coat and textured leggings

Look sexy and sophisticated by combining leggings with sneakers and a modern fur coat. A great way to achieve this look is to wear textured leggings, your sneakers, a black sweater or top, and a fur coat in dark and gray tones. If you are daring, you can choose a fur coat in bright tones that combine with your sneakers or with some detail of your leggings.

Casual with jeans shirt and leggings

If you have a day with many activities, this outfit is an excellent option. Combine a denim shirt with comfortable leggings and sneakers, a bag or purse that you like and you're ready to go out!

Long thick sweater, leggings and sneakers

This is an ideal look for a cold day when you need to be comfortable. You can use it for a day of paperwork and going to the gym. To achieve this outfit, combine a thick knit sweater or sweatshirt with a simple top and leggings. Depending on the color palette you use, you can make the sweater or sneakers a contrasting element.

Combine leggings with sneakers to exercise

Leggings are made with materials that facilitate mobility and interact with body sweat, which is why they are the star item when playing sports. The leggings and tops used for these activities have a series of characteristics that seek to provide comfort for each physical challenge or even for an intense workday.

That is why the MyLibi clothing line is designed in a material that offers:

  • Bacterial control to avoid bad odor and allergies.
  • High breathability, quick drying and 0 transparency.
  • UV50 Factor treatment for partial protection against sun rays.
  • Colors that are highly resistant to washing.


Below, we present three options to combine your leggings with sports shoes and different tops so that you can expand your options when exercising:


Solid color short-sleeved leggings and top and fluorescent sneakers

For some time now, fluorescent colors have been a trend in sports footwear. Create a solid look of leggings and short sleeve top at MyLibi. Combine them with some really striking sneakers.

Colorful tank top and leggings

Wear a colorful outfit and enjoy showing off the colors that you like the most. Make sure that the sneakers combine well with your outfit and that the fabric of your outfit has the necessary characteristics for your physical demands.

Long sleeve top and leggings set

Do you prefer the long sleeve top to be a crop top or full style? Both sports sets provide comfort while still highlighting the best of your figure. Look for it in a flat color or with a geometric design and combine it with contrasting sneakers.

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