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Nude color What is it and how to wear it?

What is the nude color?

Nude colors are those that are close to the natural colors of the skin. Although it has traditionally been associated with Pantone 12-0911 TCX (Caucasian type), it has been expanded, giving us more versatility and becoming a trend in 2024.

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Depending on your skin color

Nudes, like any other color, will suit you best depending on your own skin color. What is traditionally advised is that you look for it to be at least two or three shades above or below yours.

What can be broken this rule? Yes, like all of them.

Second skin trend

This is one of the big bets for 2024 and consists of wearing clothes that fit the body while respecting its volume and curves.

Wearing this trend in nude tones gives us a lot of play and a quite sensual air. If you don't dare to wear a Total Look, you can pair it with a larger garment such as high-waisted, wide-leg jeans.

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Combine nude color

One of the biggest criticisms of nude colors is that they are said to be boring. The most traditional, and always current, combinations are with white, black and green, but we invite you to experiment with other colors from the nude range.

There are no boring colors: there are boring people.

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Accessories to wear the nude color

The accessories that best combine with a nude color are gold and those in strong colors. Dare to experiment with neon color touches.

We do not recommend overloading the neck with accessories when wearing nude colors. A good belt and a bag can help you stand out without breaking the visual effect generated by nude.

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in footwear

Footwear with nude tones has a great virtue and that is to make your legs look longer, stylizing the figure. They are timeless and flattering, but they should always be impeccable, so buy them in materials that are easy to clean.

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Who wears it?

An obligatory reference is Kim Kardashian. The influencer and businesswoman has been one of the pioneers in the rise of this trend.

To see more celebrity looks you can go to our article about celebrities and influencers wearing nude leggings.

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