Carmen Lomana: una «fashion icon» a los 70

Carmen Lomana: a “fashion icon” at 70

Fashion Icon? That is the definition that represents Carmen Lomana, one of our favorite socialites in Spain. Originally from León, she is much more than a name, she is a trend and at MyLibi we are fans of her style. Sporty, casual, elegant, cocktail or comfy, these are some of her 3 best outfits in each scenario:

Sporty and comfortable

This look is on the house. In this photo Carmen is heading to Santiago de Compostela, taking the oldest, busiest and most celebrated route on the old continent. As you can see, it makes a great combination between elegance and comfort. For her, a round of applause to this fashion icon for achieving harmony between pearls, glasses, a puffer jacket and two of our favorites from MyLibi; the gaia camel top and our dark olive leggings .


The simplicity but grandeur of this outfit drives us crazy. Carmen is passionate about black and without a doubt, it is a color that looks fantastic in any setting and season of the year. In this event from the Rolex watchmaker, she combines a jacket with a touch of satin on the collar and classic blue jeans with a basic one, which allows her to highlight her figure while transmitting simplicity and style.


Another obvious example of why it is a fashion icon at 70. Animal print is a trend that is still far from going away, however, you must be careful not to saturate it with other clothes or overexpose it so as not to die trying. Carmen is very agile and versatile in that sense; In this outfit, she combines the leopard print with other clothes in a monochromatic palette such as black and red. Likewise, with delicate and neutral accessories such as her pearls, one of her favorite jewelry par excellence.

To learn more trends and more about our favorite styles, in the next article we recommend cool outfits from influencers like Marta Soriano so that you can get inspired and get ideas.

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