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7 ways to combine all your shoes with your leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable garment in our closet. It's no wonder we all want to use them daily. Although leggings always retain their sporty appearance, we always know how to combine them. But when it comes to footwear, you've probably asked yourself: What shoes can I wear with leggings? Learn about the 7 ways that My Libi suggests so you can wear them with any type of sneakers.

What kind of shoes to wear with leggings?

Depending on your style, there are several ways to wear almost any shoe with this item of clothing. You don't have to stick with just sneakers, choose to combine other types such as heels, ballet flats and even boots. Don't ask yourself what shoes you can wear with leggings but what clothes to combine them with.

These are some looks so you forget to wonder which shoes you can wear with leggings and which ones you can't, with your wardrobe:

Basic sporty look

It's not about the way you dress when you go out to the gym but about the basic way of combining colored leggings. This look consists of sneakers with neutral-colored leggings and a cotton t-shirt, screen-printed or not. To look beautiful, it is best to keep the colors consistent without any that stand out too much.

It is similar to that of the gym but does not opt ​​for fluorescent colored outfits or sports t-shirts but rather more casual style clothing. In this case, the question of what shoes can I wear with leggings is easily resolved by opting for neutral-colored sneakers. It is a simple look but it will help you go comfortably to university or go for a walk.

A blue legging like the Netis Iron model plus a white printed t-shirt are the perfect complement to black or white sneakers.


black leggings with boots

Comfortable style for winter

Another way that does not stray away from sneakers and that looks good is achieved by combining colored leggings with an oversized sweater. If you want to be comfortable in winter, this way of dressing is a success since you only need a large wool garment with the leggings. You can also include a scarf or hat to give it a touch of color.

In this case, what shoes can I wear with leggings to match this outfit? Wear your sneakers regardless of whether they stand out a little. Try to match the sweater and accessories with the legging and you will have no problem.

You can also combine them with flat mid-cut or high-cut boots to give it a more formal touch.

You only need black leggings like the Netis Black model with a dark gray wool sweater and a crimson scarf to create a winter look with your sneakers or boots.

Sneakers with blouses

So that you don't hesitate about what shoes you can wear with leggings, it is possible to create lighter outfits for the summer that look attractive with sneakers. If you have white shoes, it is easy to combine them with colored leggings, whether light blue, pink, aqua green and other pastel tones. For the upper part, blouse or crop top models are better for the warm season.

The same blouses that you wear to work or out to dinner go well with this style, you just have to choose a color that matches the other two clothes. In this case, when choosinggreen leggings like the Netis ligth green and white shoes, add a long white blouse with a neckline that stands out.

Leggings with boots or high-heeled ankle boots

Boots are one of the best options when considering what shoes can I wear with leggings, since their height covers the cut, making them look like pants. One way to wear leather leggings to look great is brown or black boots to pair with a blue cowboy shirt on top.

Also, you can choose black leggings, knee-high boots along with a white long-sleeved blouse. Boots make your leggings look like tight pants, and they allow you to wear all types of blouses, so it's a way to know how to wear leggings to the office.

Simple outfit with ballet flats

Among the concerns about what shoes can I wear with leggings, a very common one is whether or not you should wear low shoes such as ballet flats. The look with ballet flats is one of the simplest but works well as long as you maintain a pastel color palette.

These shoes with red leggings like the Netis wine will easily get you out of trouble, since you only need to combine them with an elegant blouse. Among the colors of the ballerinas you can use any as long as it is not too striking and is the same tone that you choose for the leggings.

Leggings and heels to dress elegantly

For a dressy occasion, it's not difficult to figure out what shoes I can wear with leggings since heels look good with them. The simplest way to dress elegant with leggings is to opt for black ones with open heels of the same color. Heels make you look taller and more stylized while leggings highlight your figure.

You can also wear a blouse with a cardigan over it, cream or white, that highlights without leaving aside the minimalist formal style. Even when wearing heels with leggings, dresses look good as they look like tights.

Fashionable leggings with high heels

Converse or Vans for a casual outfit

Converse are one of the most popular shoes today, so you surely have a pair in your closet. With them you won't have to ask what shoes you can wear with leggings because since they go well with everything, they also go with leggings. With them it is easy to create looks, since you only need a pair of white Converse to pair with some pink leggings.

If the shoes are light, they will look good with any pastel-colored leggings and you will only need a screen-printed crop top or a cotton t-shirt to create your outfit. Also, the black ones can be used to create styles in darker tones by combining dark red leggings like the Netis wine leggings with a black t-shirt, it is a simple way to wear leggings with sneakers.

Leggings are the most comfortable garment and, in addition, they are very versatile to combine with any footwear. From sports shoes that add comfort, to heels and converse. There is no reason to wonder what shoes you can wear with leggings just follow these looks and create your own. Learn more dressing tips on our minimalist fashion blog .

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