7 esenciales deportivos para tu maleta de verano

7 sports essentials for your summer suitcase

Exercise on vacation? Is that possible? Well yes, and we tell you that although for many it may not sound very pleasant, you can balance rest time and training without sacrificing happy moments. In fact, today we give you an idea of ​​7 sports essentials to pack on your super active summer vacation that will be useful if you run, swim, practice yoga or simply walk to discover your destination.

Positive attitude

The first thing is the attitude and determination you put into things. If you are ready to embark on a trip, whether for business, vacation or family, and you are determined to continue your exercise routine but you still fail, you are probably not giving your 100%.

According to Lorena Pintiado, a personal trainer and better known in the bikini fitness world as Lorena On Fit , she says it's all in your head, literally. «Your whole mentality changes when you are on vacation or traveling since «you are out of your usual routine and you are focused on having fun, for example.

It's important that you commit to doing this and bring easy-to-pack items with you to help you stay on track.

Comfortable clothes

Having clothes that are comfortable and breathable is very important for both exercising and traveling. It is important that you think that when you move, your heart rate will skyrocket and it will cause your body to increase its temperature and sweat more. Therefore, it is important that you choose clothes that wick away sweat. That is why it is important that the fabric of the clothes wicks away sweat well and makes you feel “dry.”

Our brand is focused on creating quality garments that adapt to the demands of sports centers but that are also used in your daily life. Not only will they protect you from the sun with their UV 50 protection, but they will also have antibacterial so that germs from sweat do not adhere to the garment.

Our seamless, unicolor designs are perfect for pairing with crop tops . The leggings adapt to any other garment for your trips, training routines or outings with your friends.

Fitness tubes and bands

Fitness tubes and bands easily attach to door knobs and hinges and can be used almost on your body. They are inexpensive, weigh next to nothing, and can be folded and placed around clothes in your suitcase. You can find a variety of bands in various places, but we recommend web portals like Amazon; You will find prices that will not exceed 5 euros.


Do you remember how fun it was to jump rope when you were a kid? It also burns calories and will take up minimal space in your suitcase. This is a cheap and convenient way to burn calories in a short time. Plus, it tones your arms and shoulders, strengthens your bones, and you can do it practically anywhere.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to warn you that:

  • Try to jump in wide spaces to avoid disturbing people who are under your room.
  • If you have joint problems, make sure you can jump rope without causing discomfort.
  • Combine it with cardiovascular exercises such as double unders, high knees or jogging.

smart watch

You probably won't take it off your wrist, but if you do, we recommend that you still keep it in mind for your trip. It will continue to help you control your exercise routine, monitor your health and most importantly, monitor the steps you take while touring the historic center of Paris, the magical mountains of the Swiss Pyrenees or the paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

There are plenty of high-quality fitness trackers available, including options for women of all ages and whatever level of experience you have. Of course, remember that it is waterproof in case a pool or the sea gets in your way.

athletic shoes

If you are out of town and want to exercise, it will be essential that you wear a pair of shoes that as much as possible allow you to walk, run or exercise and that are good for your feet. If morning walks and jogs appeal to you then it will be a fun way to get around while you train. Plus, you'll forget about public transportation, avoiding the hustle and bustle of crowds during the day.


The summer sun can be brutal on your skin, especially if you spend most of your days outdoors, so it's important to protect yourself. Sunscreen is one of our 7 recommended in your suitcase; Make sure it's broad spectrum (with an SPF of at least 30) and make sure it's waterproof, so it protects you even when you're sweating while practicing your routine or in the water (do it every two hours).

This is how we finish our recommendations for your well-deserved summer vacation. Without a doubt, these 7 light but powerful essentials will be enough for a good routine and a good walk. If you want to see more trends and be informed, we invite you to find more trends on our Instagram account @MyLibiEs . Or check out this post for more inspiration ideas.

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