In 2022, sportswear continues to be in trend, not only for our outfits when playing sports, but also in our daily outfits and for special events. This trend in 2022 is known as Athleisure, it means taking our sportswear beyond outfits for the gym, or practicing any sport, in a more elegant and careful way.

This trend in 2022 leads us to an infinite number of combinations to make our outfits to go out on the street, to go to work or attend a special event, with our sportswear. In this blog we are going to show you the 5 trendy sportswear items in 2022, the most used in this type of outfits.


One of the most used and most comfortable garments for sports outfits are high-waisted leggings. They are the favorites since their high waist helps enhance the figure, it is a garment that adapts very well to the body and gives us very useful comfort for any situation. It is a perfect sports garment for outfits for traveling, going to work or going to a party.

Nowadays there are many options for leggings on the Internet, in a variety of colors and prints, that we can incorporate into our wardrobe. The most chosen are the plain leggings in trendy colors. High waist leggings can be combined with other sports or clothing items. The most common thing in 2022 is to see high-waisted leggings with an oversized sweatshirt or a crop top with a long jacket.

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In 2022, in our outfits with sportswear, a long-sleeved crop top cannot be missing. Like leggings, this sports garment adapts very well to the body and is very comfortable. It is a basic garment that we can combine in any outfit.

Long-sleeved crop tops are widely used in outfits for going out to parties or going to work. In 2022, it is very common to see long-sleeved crop tops with a blazer, a sweatshirt tied at the waist or shorts combined with sneakers.

There are many long-sleeved crop top options on the Internet, in a variety of colors and prints. The most used in 2022 are solid and trendy colors. You can find the long sleeve crop top that best suits you at www.mylibi.com


Cycling shorts are the trend that has come to stay in our outfits in 2022. It is a very versatile sports garment and can be combined with all types of outfits, both spring and summer. We will see the cycling shorts in 2022 along with oversized sweatshirts or simply with a crop top.

Cycling shorts are the most common sports garment in both sports outfits and everyday outfits, from going to buy bread, going for a walk or spending an afternoon having a drink with friends. The most chosen is the high-waist cycling shorts, like the high-waist leggings that we have seen in this blog, they enhance the figure and are a very comfortable garment in all types of situations.
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One of the most chosen sports garments in 2022, along with the long-sleeved crop top that we have already seen in this blog, for party outfits are sports bras with some design on the back. The designs on the back of this type of sports bras add an elegant touch to our outfits.

We can find this type of sports bras in 2022 along with any type of pants, from oversized sweatpants to straight-cut suit pants. On the Internet we can find a wide variety of designs and colors to adapt to our outfits, look for yours at www.eu.lululemon.com


Sports shoes are a sports item that cannot be missing in any of our outfits, not only in 2022. They are the most comfortable footwear that we can use both in our daily lives and at parties and special events. Sports shoes combine with all types of clothing and looks, from the most sporty to the most elegant.

The most chosen color for outfits in 2022 is white. The most chosen model for sports outfits are classic white sports shoes. For the most elegant outfits, it is more common to use platform sneakers, in black and white. These types of sneakers give us the height that we can achieve with heels but with the comfort of a sneaker.

Searching the Internet we can find a wide variety of brands and styles of sports shoes, from the most classic to the most modern, the favorite style among the outfits of this 2022 is the street. Where you can find the most variety of sneakers from different brands is at www.asos.com

There are many ways to combine our clothes and get the best outfits, in 2022 the sportswear trend continues. Don't waste time, get your outfits with your favorite sports clothes for any time of the day at www.mylibi.com

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