5 consejos de fitness para el verano

5 fitness tips for summer

With summer comes longer days and sunnier skies. It's an opportunity to take off your winter clothes and go running, cycling or playing sports with friends. In fact, summer is when we are most active during the year, but it also brings with it waves of heat and humidity that can be a bit overwhelming.

This year the temperatures have been registering strongly in the thermometers of our country and other places in the world. Since we want you to stay safe from all risks, we will give you 5 fitness tips for the summer, which have also been given by scientists dedicated to training sciences and the preparations of Olympic athletes.

Acclimatize first

Acclimatizing involves your body slowly adapting to a change in the environment. And how to do it? This means challenging yourself to exercise, multiple times, by choice, when the day is warmer. Although it may seem a little risky, you will actually be conditioning your body to better cope with the heat.

Be careful! Acclimatization should be gradual. To start, slather on some good sunscreen, fill your water bottle, go out after 10 a.m. when temperatures intensify, and try to complete a gentler version of your usual workout.

It's too hot, so be strategic

When you exercise, internal heat is generated that is eliminated by the body through the perspiration emitted by our skin. However, if the ambient temperature increases, this process does not occur properly since heat accumulates.

To avoid this scenario, our second fitness tip is to consider moving your workouts indoors, to the comfort of air conditioning, or it can be in an outdoor space as long as it is in the morning, especially if you live in a big city.

Take a warm bath

After each acclimatization session, go to the shower and increase the water temperature. We explain why. After standing under a hot shower stream or soaking in a hot tub for about 10 minutes after a sweltering workout, your body will need to continue acclimating as it is spreading the heat stimulus on you, which is welcome and beneficial.

Drink a slushy beforehand, consider cold underwear

An ice cold drink before a hot workout will help with hydration and provide a combination of perceptual and actual cooling, experts say. Try to drink around 16 ounces of cold liquid 20 minutes before going out ( here you will get an idea of ​​delicious drinks). But be careful there, drinking closer to the start of the session could cause an upset stomach during your training.

Likewise, putting a cold cloth on your neck, an ice vest, or sports underwear that has spent the night in the freezer can also improve coolness during exercise in hot weather. With any of our garments you can perfectly do this; Its light fabrics are breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, thus avoiding bad odors.

Know your limits

The most important fitness tip is to know your limitations and respect them. If you are not physically fit and prepared for hot weather activity, you are more vulnerable than a fit athlete who trains regularly in the heat. Listen to your body and if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous or tired, rest in a cooler place. Allow your body to rest and recharge between workouts to avoid jeopardizing your body and your training goals.

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