3 ideas y outfits para triunfar con tus leggings deportivos

3 ideas and outfits to succeed with your sports leggings

Leggings are a comfortable garment that is not only reserved for the gym. With them it is possible to create stylish looks for any occasion. Creating an outfit with sports leggings is simple, just follow the advice we will give you so you can wear these tight pants in different styles. Try the following outfit with sports leggings that My Libi recommends.

Ideas and recommendations to create an outfit with sports leggings

Before presenting the outfits with sports leggings, we will give you some recommendations that will help you create them yourself without making mistakes and will stimulate your creativity.

The important thing is that it contrasts with the top

When creating an outfit with sports leggings, make sure that the upper garment is clearly differentiated from the lower one. Therefore, it is necessary that the fabrics you choose to wear with leggings do not resemble lycra.

Also, in terms of shape, it is preferable that you opt for a blouse with a drape so that a contrast is created with your waist molded by the garment. Take advantage of the stylized shape that wearing them gives you to complete with a loose crop top that highlights your abdomen even more.

Likewise, wearing tight clothes is valid as long as you are willing to show off your belly, in this case short tops are recommended. Try to ensure that the color of the garment is not the same and this way you can create a contrast between the two.

Do not wear them under any short clothing

One way to put together an outfit with sports leggings is to use them as tights under your clothes, which makes you show off your legs. However, not all styles of shorts you wear over them will fit well as sports shorts only look good if you go to the gym.

Likewise, wearing them together with skirts will make your legs look full, since, generally, tights or tights that are thinner are worn along with them. One way to combine your outfit with sports leggings is by wearing them under a short military-type Bermuda shorts that have a more street appearance.

Wear long t-shirts and sweaters if you are insecure

If you don't like wearing clothes like crop tops, that show your waist, or if what bothers you is showing your buttocks, opt for long clothes. Women's sports leggings make your legs look slim and toned, so covering the back of your body does not take away their attractiveness but rather accentuates your legs.

Oversized sweaters are one of the most used pieces with sports leggings for women, especially in the winter season. Likewise, wearing a boyfriend style shirt that covers up to mid-thighs will make you look cool and confident.

The best outfits with sports leggings

Considering the previous tips, we present you some outfits with sports leggings that are trending. You just need some leggings and search your closet to get these looks that will make you stand out wherever you go.

Dark semi-sporty style for the night

It consists of a black sports legging like the high-waisted Netis Black model with a cotton blouse of the same color but not as dark. The print breaks the monotony of black a bit since it should be the piece that attracts the most attention. The outfit is completed with black or dark blue sports shoes that you like.

Monochrome look with color detail

This style is freer and only tries to combine two pieces of the same color but adding one of a different color. Starting with colored women's sports leggings, like the light blue Netis Iron model , you can add a blouse of the same color and complete it with white shoes. Likewise, if your sneakers are the same color as your leggings, you should only change the color of the blouse.

Leggings with boots

These pieces of clothing reach your ankles, so an outfit with black sports leggings for women with boots covers them and will prevent you from getting cold. With this type of footwear, we recommend wearing t-shirts with colorful prints that cover the waist so that the edge of the leggings cannot be seen. This way you simulate a casual and sexy style with a more comfortable garment.

Oversized sweater and sports leggings for winter

This is a style to look good in winter and protect you from inclement weather. How do you do it? By combining an extra-sized sweater or sweatshirt that reaches mid-thighs. These outfits, with sports leggings, look good with fur-lined boots, which are the warmest footwear. Wear a Netis Dark Olive model with light brown boots, a gray sweater and complete it with a wool hat.

Pastel colors and casual shoes

Women's sports leggings are also combined with converse or casual shoes to create casual looks for your daily life. Wear these shoes with pastel-colored t-shirts or shirts and make sure to leave your ankles exposed.

Leggings are a versatile garment with which you can dress any day with different styles if you try the ideas that we recommend. Don't just stick with them, start creating your outfit with sports leggings following our recommendations so you always look good. Enter My Libi to find exclusive legging designs to be on trend.

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