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Legging Netis Camel

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Sports legging for women with high waist, soft touch, maximum elasticity and resistance.


If you are thinking of buying leggings online, we invite you to know the MyLibi sportswear line. On our website, you can find leggings made of high quality materials and trending designs. We are a sportswear manufacturer. We take care of every detail of the process until the product is in the hands of our customers. It is for this reason that we want to make the whole shopping experience easy for you.

Every day there are more women who practice physical activities in their free time. Sportswear, especially leggings, are ideal pieces for practicing yoga, pilates, fitness or different types of dances. Also, they are perfect for jogging, walking or running. Besides, these pieces have become a trend to combine in casual - sports ouffits. Combine them with a top or shirt, casual sneakers and a lot of style. Our leggings combine with everything!


Our leggings are solid colors and of excellent quality, are made of a fabric of special characteristics that provide mobility and comfort:

Bacterial control to avoid bad smell and allergies.

High breathability, quick drying and 0 transparencies.

UV50 Factor treatment for partial protection against sunlight.

Highly resistant wash colors.



Our leggings are made with top quality materials suitable for high performance activities. Even above recognized brands.


If you are looking to buy leggings online or tops, in MyLibi we have affordable prices compared to other more recognized brands with qualities similar to ours.


Both leggings and tops are focused exclusively for women. This allows us to use all our resources to improve the garments according to the feminine silhouette so that they adapt and offer comfort.


To improve your experience of buying leggings online, on MyLibi shipments and returns of products are completely free.


When buying leggings online it is important that you feel confident that the garment will fit you. Therefore, the pictures that appear in our online catalog are true to the appearance of each product. Even so, if you are not satisfied with the garment, you have the option of making the return free of charge.

For us it is important that your purchase is satisfactory, both the product and the service are focused to give you the best facilities and benefits. We are always focused on your opinions and needs.

To improve the experience of our customers we care a lot to know your tastes and know what is expected of the next collections of our brand. In this sense, if you want the leggings line to include a particular color, we would love you to contact us.