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Capri Leggings

Capri leggings are the new bet of MyLibi. A midway point between shorts and traditional leggings and preserving its properties: premium materials for quick drying and bacterial control, maximum elasticity without transparency, high waist and ultra-soft texture. Dare to try our capri leggings with street clothes for a casual outfit, or put them to the test by wearing them for running, yoga or Pilates.

Minimalist Leggings

At MyLibi we believe in the value of simplicity. Minimalist clothing is not simple: it focuses on what is important. We sell garments that convey our values ​​because we believe in the importance of slowing down and investing in versatile garments that you can combine with different things without sacrificing design. Minimalist clothing, more than a fashion, has become a necessity. Fastfashion has us immersed in a dizzying dynamic that does not allow you to enjoy what you buy or invest in quality products that are better for the environment in the long term. Our Capri leggings, like our long leggings and shorts, have every detail carefully taken care of so that nothing is left over. The brand, barely represented with a drop, is located on the back discreetly located. Let's take the noise out of life.

¿Por qué comprar leggings capri en MyLibi?

✅ QUALITY Our leggings are made with premium materials suitable for high performance activities. Even above recognized brands. ✅ PRICE If you are looking to buy leggings online or tops, at MyLibi we have affordable prices compared to other brands with similar qualities to ours. ✅ EXCLUSIVITY Both leggings and tops are exclusively focused on women. This allows us to use all our resources to improve the garments based on the feminine silhouette so that they adapt and offer comfort. ✅ SHIPPING AND RETURNS To improve your experience of buying leggings online, at MyLibi product shipments and returns are completely free.

Why buy capri leggings at MyLibi?

When buying leggings online it is important that you feel confident that the garment will fit you. For this reason, the photographs that appear in our online catalog are faithful to the appearance of each product. Even so, if you are not satisfied with the garment, you have the option of making the return free of cost. For us it is important that you are happy with your purchase, that is why both the product and the service are focused to give you the best facilities and benefits. We are always attentive to your opinions and we are willing to advise you on your purchase through any of our service channels. We maintain constant communication with our clients and convert their feedback into new products or new colors. You matter to us.