In recent years the trend of Pilates practice has increased. Many people want to find balance with their body while practicing sports. In the practice of Pilates a series of basic errors are made such as:

Not understanding your body

Pilates is based on the control of our body and the precision of our movements. If we do not understand our body's signals when performing a series of movements, we will not be able to perform the exercises properly. With practice we will know our body better, we will be able to activate the appropriate area of ​​muscles where we can project the result of the movements that are performed. This is a mistake that is made in all sports, not just Pilates . The solution is practice and time.

Do things in a hurry

Many people, especially in the beginning, associate sport with suffering and that is why when doing exercises they want to finish as soon as possible. In Pilates it is no different. A common mistake in Pilates is doing the exercises as quickly as possible and not focusing on the importance of precision of movement and control of our body. In Pilates, the quality of the exercise is sought over its quantity. In order to activate the deepest parts of the muscles, you need to feel the movement, how you control your body.

Having an incorrect and tense posture

In Pilates it is very important to perform the exercises properly, have a correct posture and thus be able to activate the muscle areas required by the exercise. At the beginning of this sport it is very common to tense all the muscle areas in search of activating those specific to the exercise. This will lead us to arch our back or not align our shoulders with the rest of the body. Therefore, you have to let yourself go, perform the movement and posture correctly, and thus be able to activate only the appropriate areas. In Pilates you have to be patient, we will have better results if we do the exercises correctly.

Lose concentration

In Pilates, concentration, knowledge of our body and precise monitoring of our movements are very important. One of the first things to learn in Pilates is this. By practicing this we will achieve a body-mind connection that will help us feel the movement and focus on the exercise we are doing. This way we will achieve better results.

Not performing the exercises with the appropriate clothing

In Pilates every detail counts so as not to lose concentration and precision of movement. Therefore, it is important that the clothing we use at the time of practice is the most appropriate. If not, we will not be able to perform the movement freely and adequately, and we will also notice more tense areas that will make us lose the necessary concentration. You should highlight loose clothing and sports clothing that does not have elasticity in its seams for free movement. The best option for Pilates clothing is sports clothing from MyLibi , www.mylibi.com . Sports clothing that uses a special elastic thread in its seams that gives free movement but does not affect its resistance.

Practicing Pilates will not only make you feel better during your practice, but it will help you a lot in your daily life. It will help you focus on positive things, take life in a more relaxed way and feel your body in a different way.

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