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Jeans, leggings, jeggings, treggings...? We know, there are many concepts to talk about the same category of garment. However, although there is a fine line between all of them, they do have their differences and in this article we will tell you all about them.

Fashion is part of everyday life that changes with time and occasions. Designers go crazy when it comes to women's fashion. In our era, more than innovating, they seek to improve what already exists in terms of design, shape, fabric, color and other attributes.

That is why today when you enter any store you can find a wide variety of clothing with new names and formats, such as jeans, leggings, jeggings and treggings.

Although they look almost the same, they have a lot of difference between them. Sometimes sellers even don't notice the difference, but here we explain it to you so that now you can be the expert.

What are jeans or jeans?

Jeans or jeans are one of the most favorite pants of almost all girls, the garment that never goes out of style. They are made of denim fabric and come mainly in shades of blue and black. However, now, you can also find other shades to satisfy your demands as fashion lovers.

Jeans vary in terms of color shades and styles such as skinny, straight, boyfriend and flared, and vary depending on your leg length and ankle length. Some of these are capri leggings , which are also available at MyLibi in very cool colors.


What are leggings?

Fashion leggings are a kind of tight-fitting bottom garment that completely covers your legs. They are primarily made from a blend of cotton, lycra, nylon, or polyester. These materials offer high elasticity, giving you a feeling of freedom and movement.

Especially ours are high-waisted to stylize your figure, they have a minimalist design and high-performance materials to offer you bacterial control and zero transparency. In addition, we have created them so that you not only use them in any sports routine, but we also think about the designs and colors so that they adapt as a garment that can be combined with any outfit.

Our light green leggings are perfect for a casual but fashionable outfit.

Light green leggings

What are jeggings?

Jeggings are based on the famous jeans, the difference is that it is a perfect mix between jeans and leggings, so you will have the appearance of one but the comfort of the other. According to fashion designers, they are "comfortable jeans or jeans."

They are made from a mix of spandex and polyester which creates a more elastic fabric than their predecessors.

The positive:

✓ Versatile, stylish and give you a slimmer look.

✓ Combinable: They look good with shorter blouses, t-shirts, loose sweaters or comfortable knits. Fabulous with boots, sneakers, sandals, flats or even high heels.


What are treggings?

This is the new concept that is added to the category: they are leggings that look like pants. To make it easier for you, it is basically a slim pair of pants that I know is perfect for formal or professional occasions.

A tregging is characterized by having an elastic waistband, false zippers and pockets. So the hassle of zippers breaking and buttons that don't close or break are things of the past.

Like pants, treggings are also available in different models, styles and large sizes. If you're looking for a cool look, choose a distressed model. Or in summer, a model with soft pastel tones, floral motifs or an animal print tregging. This tregging is suitable for any season because you can comfortably combine it with a chunky knit sweater, a T-shirt or a chic blouse.

This tregging is best known in its skinny version but, since the flared trend was reborn, we can see more and more treggings with this cut.

Are you wondering how you can combine them with shoes? They are compatible with boots or moccasins, they look great. You can add a crossbody bag for a more modern look.

treggings - denim leggings

Jeans vs leggings vs jeggings vs treggings

For us there is no choice, there is always room in the closet to have different clothes; They complement any outfit and get you out of trouble. Now, you know all the details about jeans, leggings, jeggings and treggings, we would still like to clarify any doubts and, therefore, we point out the details:

✓ Materials: The leggings are made of softer material compared to jeans, leggings and treggings. Jeggings are made of a skin-tight stretch denim material and have more stretch than leggings or treggings.

✓ Flexibility: Jeggings are the combination of jeans and leggings; which means flexible like leggings but look like skinny jeans.

✓ Pockets: Jeggings and treggings have fake pockets, but leggings have no pocket.

✓ Length: The length of the leggings is ankle-length, while the length of the jeggings and treggings is variable.

✓ Color Options: Leggings are available in colorful and single-color printed fabric. On the other hand, jeggings and treggings are usually one color.

✓ Thickness: Treggings are thicker than jeans, jeggings and leggings.

✓ Versatility: Jeggings are much more versatile than leggings and treggings. You can wear with any casual clothes.

✓ Age Range: Treggings are perfect for women over 50 due to their flat front, elasticity and comfort. Leggings and treggings are perfect for the younger generations.

✓ Accessories: Leggings have a closer fit than jeggings and treggings.

✓ Topwear Compatibility: Leggings and jeggings are perfect as casual wear, while treggings are ideal as professional wear. Treggings are similar to pants but are a slimmer version. But they are all comfortable to wear all day long.

✓ Compatibility with footwear: Finally, any type of footwear is compatible with jeans and leggings, but jeggings and treggings have a limitation in this case.

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